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  1. flipyoung

    2007 crf250r leaking coolant out of the over flow

    Lumpy 790 where did you get that over flow bottle it looks very cool
  2. flipyoung

    Rear rim RMZ250 2008

    Have you relaced wheel before you will need a way to true the wheel after you put all the spokes in if you can true the wheel than i would try it.
  3. flipyoung

    Rear rim RMZ250 2008

    I don't know if they have the same number of spokes I would think so. How much do they want for the wheel assembly you can get a rim and spokes from rocky mountain for like a $150. Why do you want to go to a 18 in rim I have rode bike with both wheels size and did not feel any different.
  4. flipyoung

    Rear rim RMZ250 2008

    I have a 2004 RMZ 250 front wheel that I tried to put on my 2007 RMZ 250 and it didn't fit. I'm assuming the rear wheel won't fit either. 2004-2006 Suzuki used the same parts as a Kawasaki KX250F, with the only difference being yellow plastic. 2007 and forward discontinued using interchangeable parts with the Kawasaki. You can replace a 19" with an 18". You have to buy a 18" rim and spokes. Then re-lace the spokes to your existing hub.
  5. flipyoung

    williams motowerx ?

    I order new valve and valve spring got them to 6-14-2013 the best way I was able to reach him was to send him a text just use the number on his wep page it will go to his cell hope this help.
  6. flipyoung

    Athena 290 Big Bore kit

    I am doing the 290 kit for the first time how do you like it did you do any head work or cams.
  7. flipyoung

    Need help with timing!

    I took a picture of my stock flywheel I have have heavy flywheel on my bike now
  8. flipyoung

    Need help with timing!

    Hello I have a 2004 rmz 250 there are 3 timing mark on my fly wheel there should be 2 mark close together and 1 mark about a 180 deg the first timing I set my up out of time I use the 1 mark it would kick over but not start set it up with the 2 marks and started after that. Hope this may be of help.
  9. flipyoung

    2008 KTM 144 SX Compression

    That was cold I will try it hot
  10. flipyoung

    2008 KTM 144 SX Compression

    I have 2008 ktm 144 sx been riding for over a year check the compression reads 125 psi still runs good should I do any thing or just keep riding
  11. I have a 2008 KTM 144 SX. The only problem with mine is that I have to rebuild it every year. However, I do ride every weekend - all year round. Riding in the woods is great...it's very light. The only problem on the track is that it likes to wake up right at the face of the jump and makes me nose high a lot of times.
  12. flipyoung

    rmz250 won't start - valve out of adjustment

    I've shimmed them so many times it ain't funny. Probably once a month. I learned very quickly to never drop the shim in the motor. At that point...it went upside down with an air hose stuck in it. It came out and it's clean as a whistle.
  13. I have a 2004 rmz250 won't start - valves out of adjustment after 2 rides of about 4-5 hours of ride time. The valves have no valve clearance after riding. Will start fairly easily after adjusting valves :mad: