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    1980 TT 500 Swingarm

    pilion pegs dont get mounted to the swingarm. if you do the pillion will be bounced around during wheel travel.
  2. thanks for your help chris. i will call penrith wreckers tommorrow.
  3. what a great site, nothing like this in australia. I have an 1982 XT550, which has always been the farm bike, it starts third kick everytime it's cold and first when hot. i have recently found it has no second gear (i suspect a selector) so finally a rebuild is in order. i have fitted a '88 KLX650 front end. easeir fitment than i thought, the bearings are the same on each, the stearing stem is the same diameter but the KLX's is longer. so the XT one is to be fitted in it's place. much easier than anyone thought. disc braking here i come. My next question is has anyone fitted an alluminium swing arm and shock of any type from another bike ie. XT,TT600, YZ,IT250,465 or 490, though the 465 and 490 parts are getting very thin on thin on the ground here now. So am looking at other model's. Also, due you think a TT600 seat and plastic tank would fit on it. Any help would great, thankyou.