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  1. Holy crap you got that right
  2. I agree, completly retarted.
  3. Go To The Doctor.......
  4. When you say your keeping your weight over the front are you standing up or sitting down when you do this?
  5. Slipping the clutch does work wonders on 2 strokes (especially a 125). Ive never ridden a 4 stroke (hopefully soon) but I would assume that w/ all the low end grunt it would not require as much clutch slipping?
  6. I think alot of tire issue's revolve around tire pressure and riding technique. I mean come on, how many different types of knobby patterns can there be?
  7. dont forget pictures can be deceiving
  8. Wow!!!! Nice one, good idea
  9. Very true,
  10. Hello, Anyone seen this documentry? Boy do those guys haul ass!!!! The bonus scene on the DVD has great chase scene following "Mouse" McCoy. Holy crap its awesome!!!!!
  11. I was looking at the KLX 300, 233 lbs and under 5 grand. Is this a good deal or is that bike a peice of crap?
  12. Where do I trail ride?
  13. Ya I think Maine is included,