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  1. Well, please do! I'll be in for one as soon as I own a CRF.
  2. Your quite right, my GSXR and CBR1000RR both have rear-sets and the linkages are flipped over. I ride the streetbike flipped also so I don't backshift on the track, cause it sucks!!! Like I mentioned in another post, I would like to set up my soon to be CRF for supermoto and run it in WERA along side the GSXR. Switching between GP and standard in the same day will be a very bad idea for me. I remember back in the day that the early CBR900RR's (had a '96 Erion, still miss that bike ) had a direct attach shifter like the CRF does, but you could change it inside the trans by flipping around a shift dog or something. Just wanted to see if it was possible on the CRF. Anyone familiar enough with the trans to know if it's possible? Thanks
  3. Does anyone know a way to change the shift pattern on a CRF to GP? I don't have one yet but plan to get one, and I don't like having to change back and forth when I ride my GSXR6 race bike or street bike, which are both reversed. My foot gets confused! Thanks.
  4. I have a '01 400E that needs a new Oring for the starter cover. Ron Ayes lists it as discontinued. Anyone know where I can still get one, or what size it is? I'd hate to have to resort to RTV.
  5. Honda

    Not to detract from your abilities, but is the cam timed right?
  6. Honda

    I guess they did here you. The '06 is supposed to share more of the bike parts.
  7. Thanks. As you can tell I'm new to the site. I have a DRZ400 'tarded, but I'm thinking of racing one along with my gixxer6, and the DRZ's not gonna be competative with the KTM's. And I can dirt ride it in the winter, if I can find an extra set of wheels.
  8. Does anyone know of any sites or places that have parts to 'Tard a 450? Thanks.