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  1. MangeO

    Question for those with a Rekluse

    Is it possible to use the manual override without that pech-adjuster-thing mounted. The reason I´m asking is partly becase it´s expensive and partly because I can´t seem to get my head around what the hell it´s supposed to be doing.
  2. MangeO

    DRZ pics, lets see your Z

    Can´t find it in the TT-store. Would really like to get one for my DRZ 400 E. Do you know a dealer who carries it and would be willing to ship to Sweden?Buying stuff like this in Europe is really expensive. Usually you can import it from the USA at half price compared to what you have to pay here. And now when the dollar is cheap its an even better deal:applause:
  3. MangeO

    DRZ pics, lets see your Z

    What tank is that and how much fuel does it hold?It looks lower than original and not as bulky as others i have seen. Does it noticably lower the center of gravity?
  4. MangeO

    2000 Drz E +jd -ce

    Thanks Eddie. Sorry about the stupid post:bonk: The pilot is infact a 45 so I think I´ll replace it with a 48.
  5. I have just removed the FCR from my DRZ 400 E (Y2K). According to the guy I bougth it from everything should be stock on it. The main jet is 165 and pilot is 65! From browsing the forums here I find it hard to belive the pilot is stock. I have tested the bike and it took some time to return to idle after having been revved. Should it really behave like this with a 65 pilot jet?? (the fuel screw was 2,25 turns out from the bottom). I have ordered the JD kit and removed the coast enrichener the alternative way (short-circuiting it on the carb and plugging the head). What setup should I try with the JD in and CE out? I ride on altitudes from 0-400 and temp 40-100 F. Thx, Magnus.
  6. MangeO

    Exhaust questions

    I found this ad for a used FMF exhaust. This seems to be an older model Powercore (current version is 4?). The price is affordable to me so I´m wondering if this is a good system. Does anyone know how old this system is, if there is a big difference to the new Powercore IV and finally, if I decide to buy a Powerbomb header later on, will they fit together? Link to the ad: http://www.blocket.se/vi/11845382.htm?ca=11_s I realize most of you won´t be able to understand any of the text but it does not answer any of my above questions anyway, and the picture is really all I have to go on. Thanks, /Magnus.
  7. MangeO

    Raising a DRZ, Help!

    Does anyone know where I can get a hold of linkage parts (dog-bone or similar) to raise my DRZ a few inches? Have seen lots of custom parts for lowering the bike but none for raising it.
  8. Just uploaded an archive of articles on Husky-thumpers to rapidshare. If anyone is interested they can dowload it using the link below. It´s free. Links to these tests have been posted here before so if you´ve been browsing around chanses are you have read them already. http://rapidshare.de/files/25259711/HuskyTest.rar.html
  9. MangeO

    Site with a couple of movies

    Yeah, sorry, skipped a few steps there . So, click on the link, you will be directed to a page with yellow and orange text. The yellow texts are links to movies, the orange texts explains what they contain. Now, "right-click and save target as" on the yellow stuff and watch the movies, most of them are OK, some quite good. They´re all quite short so it should´nt be too much of a hassle downloading them all. I think even you can make out what the first one is about though.
  10. Swedish Offroad Enthusiasts homepage. Right-click and save as Most are winter-enduro. www.soe.se/filer/filer.htm
  11. MangeO

    Compression release as kill switch?

    The old huskies don´t have shims. The valves are adjusted with a screw and nut. The valve won´t touch the piston either so not to worry. About the risk of letting in cold air were it´s not supposed to be I don´t know. Never heard about it though. Personally I use the decomp as kill on my TE 410 -99 as it doesn´t have a kill button. Always done it and never had problems.
  12. MangeO

    Greetings From Husqvarna...

    Translation: Dear Dan, I´m having a wonderful time here in Huskvarna, Sweden. Wish you were here. I suppose i´m getting a bike-ride as thanks for this. Hope you don´t mind me budding in, yz-Anders. It´s not word for word all the way as the last sentence would make less sense in English that way. By the way, Huskvarna is pretty far south in Sweden. You should see the nights above the arctic circle in the summer. You can actually be working on your tan at midnight. I sometimes go on hikes in the northern parts of the country with a few friends. One summer we went there the weather was crappy during the days but all sunshine during the nights so we simply reversed the days and were up walking at night, sleeping during the days. Downside is though, that in the winter the situation is the opposite. Can you imagine, hardly any daylight for almost 3 months?
  13. MangeO

    Kickstarting 05 TE450

    Have You checked the valves lately? Hot start problems is often av valve issue. You could try removing the automatic decomp mechanism. This would probably make it easier to start given you master the correct technique. Not sure if the e-start will be able to turn it without decomp though.
  14. MangeO

    Its not a BERG!!!!!

    OK so it´s an old thread. I just joined thumpertalk today so in case someone is still interested, here´s some Husky history. Huskvarna is a small town in southern Sweden situated near the lake of Vättern. In the 14th century there was a defense-post located there attracting weapon-smiths to the area. In the 16th century a modern garrison was built in Jönköping just 3 miles south of Huskvarna. This increased the demand for arms and military supplies in the area. In 1620 the king of Sweden, Gustavus II Adolfus decreed a drilling and grinding plant for musket-barrels to be based in Jönköping. The plant was driven by water-power. The demand for increased output made it necessary to move the production to the great waterfalls of Husqvarna where, in addition, a gunpowder factory already existed. The Husqvarna weapons-factory belonged to the government until 1757 when it was passed to private ownership. Production of military weapons continued and in the middle of the 19th century production for the civilian market commenced. The first products were hunting rifles and later sewing machines. The logo symbolizes the sights on top of a musket barrel. That´s the ancient part of Husqvarnas history, I guess you all know most of the rest.