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  1. Ech you got me, the 501, ive been looking at pictures of huskys and husaburgs all morning and got the two confused. I rode the husaberg and was amazed at the power it had, i can see why hes scared of it, it tries to rip up and fly away just off idle in 3rd gear...
  2. Thanks for the replies guys, and i found exactly what i needed! Anyhow, locally i found a husaburg tc510 for sale, the guy is afraid of it, i've been talking to him about a trade, he seems willing, so i might go for it, im not sure yet... I dont get to do alot of enduro racing anymore(college takes all my free time) so it will just be a trail bike/time waster. The links you provided were exactly what i was looking for aussie! gotta learn to read itallian though...hehe. Anyhow, thanks again all, and take care!
  3. Hello everyone, i've been a lurker here for a while, decided to finally make a first post. I have a '00 Husqvarna WR250 enduro, bought new in '01, parked for 4 years, and just recently got her up and running! I have a few questions to bring to the table. I just got everything freshened up, shes running like a champ, but...the graphics over the years have lost their stickiness...and i need to find a new graphics kit, and if necisary completely new plastics! Can anyone point me to where i might find these? I dont necisarilly care about aftermarket/race graphics, but i am not adverse to them. The plastics are in fine shape, nothing wrong with them at all, just need a little cleaning. Anyhow, checked denniskirk.com and found a few objects of desire, havent however made my mind up yet, hoping for some of yall's feedback! Also looking to if im lucky trade my bike for a thumper, as over the years ive gotten more into the 4 stroke scene(street bikes and all). anyhow, thanks in advance for any information or advice you can give me. Take care all!