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  1. If you race your bike in your kitchen then maybe the steering lock might be an issue but on the track you will not notice it. Make no mistake the 150 turns very well as as my RM's which I thought turned on a dime. The KTM 150 is the most fun I have had on a bike for ages, I have been racing for 20 years now and been through all the phases. I was fortunate to be one of the first to get a 4 stroke and from there my riding went backwards, i became lazy and point and shoot rider. Now back on the 2 stroke I am riding better and enjoying racing far more than i have in a long time...but I am working harder to keep the pace rolling but loving it! I do think the 150 can make you a better rider and it can smoke a 250f with the right rider on it.
  2. funtime

    06 YZ450 engine noise

    Your motor will sound horrible with little or no water, the water also acts as a bit of a sound insulation. I notice this when I am racing on beaches, as soon as I have been caught or stuck in a jam i can hear the difference with the loss of fluid. I would agree with the head theory possibly leaking.