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  1. Zmoney

    Near Chicago?

    How is Rocky Glen? What do they all have there?
  2. Zmoney

    Rocky Glen?

    Has anyone ridden there? If so, a review of the trails/track would be greatly appreciated!
  3. Zmoney

    Leftover 05 and 06 yz 250's

    A dealer near me just let his last '05 go for $3999.00+tax.
  4. Zmoney

    Aztalan MX

    It was. However, they sold it to the cell company so they got mucho bucks for it. Something over $200,000.
  5. Zmoney

    Any one want to go for a ride in Danbury?

    What is Danbury and where exactly is it? Website?
  6. Zmoney

    Big bore KX125

    They did my '04 and I'm very happy with it. I had it made into a 134 because I heard mixed reviews on going 144. The powerband is basically the same, just stronger. Moving the powerband will probably require porting. You can get some low-end power w/gearing changes.
  7. Zmoney

    Aztalan MX

    The bathrooms were not Azzie's idea. It's the state/DNR. Because they allow people to camp for races they are considered a campground and indoor restrooms are required. It's a major expense (@ $100,000) that they had not planned on. Luckily, they sold off the land that the cell tower is on. My understanding is that the bathrooms may only be open on race days. Personally, I would 've liked to see the money spent on new dirt/track improvements. That place gets nasty during the week!
  8. Zmoney

    Aztalan MX

    My apologies for the hijacking the other thread.
  9. It's re-new time (as you already know). Have you heard anything about track changes/improvements? I know they are putting in a new building for restrooms. I haven't heard anything about the track though. I'm debating about re-upping. Where else do you ride? I've heard good things about Rocky Glen in Rockford.
  10. Zmoney

    Waterman on Sunday

    How busy is it during the week? How many show up on an average Thursday? How are the riders broken up?
  11. Zmoney


    Aztalan is ROCK hard most of the time. There is going to be a new track in Union Grove this year. The people who ran Lake Geneva are moving their operation to the new location. When did you apply to Azzie? I'm a member and was told they had 50+ apps. (for country club) by noon the first day. It works on a first come, first served basis. Unfortunately, there is no way that there will be anywhere close to 50 openings.
  12. Zmoney

    Butt patches

    A local "A" rider in my area (Wisconsin) just started a business that does this. The website is www.buttpatches.com
  13. Zmoney

    Good deal on 125?

    The total came in at just under $350.00. This included: boring, chroming, top-end kit, top-end bearing, new seals and gaskets. I had Millenium Technologies do the jug. They're out of Plymouth Wisconsin. The cylinder looked awesome!
  14. Zmoney

    Good deal on 125?

    I have an '04 that I just had punched out to 134cc's. I added a tooth to the rear and a factory fatty along w/a shorty silencer. The thing is a ripper! The low end is very good (for a 125). One of the best things about ANY 2 stroke right now is the aftermarket. I bought the brand new pipe for $95 and the brand new silencer for $55 (off of that auction site). Try buying a top of the line new complete exhaust for a 4 stroke for $150!