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  1. jat250wr

    Where are the girl riders?

    Ugh ... I see nothing has changed much here ...
  2. jat250wr

    Oreana 100

    I think he said he crashed pretty good just before completing the first loop ... Decided to call it a day after that.
  3. jat250wr

    Oreana 100

    First lap was pretty crazy ... hard to see with all the snow. The second lap was a lot of fun once the snow stopped. Bummer they had to cut out some of the race course due to weather.
  4. jat250wr

    If you could have any gear.....

    I just picked up the TLD 2012 GP Air gear. Really like the fact the jersey is vented ... it's gets hot riding low speed goat trails here in Ideeho. I also picked up a pair of gloves to try out. The pants feel pretty vented and comfortable too ... have a good amount of room for my knee guards too. I'll get a good idea of how the gear actually rides this weekend ... if anyone is interested I can give a quick review of how it worked.
  5. jat250wr

    Looking for other female riders

    I'm in Kuna and a member of TVTMA. If you have any questions/concerns send me a pm, I'd be happy to help.
  6. jat250wr

    Switchbacks: how to

    The last 2 switchbacks in the video look like Ramey Creek here in Idaho. Thanks for taking the time to put that video together.
  7. jat250wr

    Trials Tires Rock!

    I won't ride the Idaho backcountry without one. They're the bomb fo sho, lol.
  8. jat250wr

    [PICS]Official Thread: Girls and Bikes

    I've had my fill of internet politics, lol.
  9. jat250wr

    Any Big Nasty Hillclimb stories?

    Awesome job Nick!!
  10. jat250wr

    Pucker Video - South Fork of the Salmon River

    I did think it was pretty easy and one of the widest trails in Idaho, lol. The scenery on the other hand was nothing less than spectacular. Notice the S A W on the back?
  11. jat250wr

    Pucker Video - South Fork of the Salmon River

    That's exactly why I don't have trouble with Idaho sidehills and can scoot along at a pretty good pace. Plus ... we ride a lot of sidehills and exposed stuff so seat time does help a bit too.
  12. jat250wr

    trinities conditions?

    Now that makes sense. It was a long day, lol.
  13. jat250wr

    trinities conditions?

    Odd ... thought you said we skipped Rattlesnake.
  14. jat250wr

    trinities conditions?

    Someone made Strawberry into a freeway and took out all the rocks. Lava Mountain was hoot! Roaring River is all clear. Sheep Mountain was in good shape. Sheep Creek needs some brushing in spots and still is handful for people with short legs. Bear Gulch was not cleared when we started on it ... Mark ended up leaving a few still down due to saw problems. We didn't get a chance to see the conditions of Rattlesnake nor Devil's. Got back to the truck before dark and made it home just before dark.
  15. jat250wr

    Taking a trip to Idaho, where should I go?

    Dang ... Nick is movin right on up!! That's AWESOME!!