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  1. What kind of pipe for this 2005 rmz 450 would be best?
  2. He barely won!! Maybe gearing or maybe pipe or jetting!! I thought people knew stuff on this site!!
  3. New to this site and I hope not all members are ******** like you!!! LILdick RACER
  4. Its all power ya twist the throttle and go up the hill. Not much skill needed genius!
  5. I was ridding in Utah at the Little Sahara sand dunes when I raced a KTM 300 up the mountain and got beat. I must win my buddy or I will never live it down. I need to know the quickest and smartest, maybe best bang for my buck way to get more power out of my RMZ 450. Right now it is very stock. I was told to come here for advice, Please Help!!!
  6. I love my RMZ450 2005 and have found zero problems with it but I'm not a Pro MXer either. By the way Ricky has won on every bike the dude has ridden. He is just amazing and really eazy to talk to at the races.