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    KXF450 BUBBA's public debut

    I am adding my 2¢ for the first time in this forum... I have read this entire thread and can NOT believe how many people are going so easy on Bubba. IMO Dominic has hit the nail on the head... I can't believe how many times this guy has pulled off the track and not finished. If you are hurt, sick or hung-over FINISH the race. Show pride and appreciation to your sponsors and fans and just ride. There are many riders in any given moto that are not riding up to their capabilities and/or speed but dig deep and finish. When Bubba is off pace with the leaders he either pulls of or wads himself. Not many people in this world are given the opportunity that Bubba has and to put forth the effort (or lack of) that he has in 2005 is pathetic! Motocross doesn't remember the quitters it remembers the; Magoos with his handlebars broke in half FINISHING Ryno dropping a chain at Unadilla and pushing his bike uphill and FINISHING Bailey racing with a broken foot in hopes of getting some points and not only FINISHING but winning These and countless other MX greats that FINISHED with broken bones, broken bikes and every other problem are IMO what motocross is! I personally would rather watch and root for a three digit privateer running mid pack with heart than even give a quitter the time of day. Has Bubba had a run of bad luck? Maybe... Should he have pulled out of all the motos he did? NO WAY! I hope for Bubba's sake he gets it all figured out because the brass at Kawi (or any other factory) doesn't care who you are if you don't produce and Bubba ain't producin' They will stick with you for a season for PR but I can guarantee 2006 will dictate the remainder of Bubba's career.