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  1. E7O

    CRF150F Tire Pressure

    Where do you come up with 13 psi?
  2. What's the tire pressure on the stock tires of a CRF150F? Front 70/100-19in Rear 90/100-16in Thanks in advance,
  3. E7O

    cold natured 90--what can I do?

    1. Change your plug. 2. Drain the gas out of the carb bowl. 3. Make sure you have fresh gas in the tank -- high octane. 4. Check your intake/exhaust valves for proper clearance. (Winter really makes these quads cold blooded...had the same issues then. It hit 75 degrees here the other day and it started on first pull.)
  4. E7O

    400ex spark plug

    I put the quad on its ass end then change the plug -- much easier this way. Use the wrench that came with the quad -- normal ratchet wrenches are too think to fit. I still hate the location of the spark plug...sure its hidden, but a pain in the butt to change. I am worried that when I change my spark plug, dirt is going down into the piston -- you can't visually see that area whatsoever. You have to finger it in the dark to replace it.
  5. E7O

    2006 CRF150F Battery

    I bought the bike for my son -- made a promise that if he made honor roll at school the whole year that I'd buy him one. Anyway, we trade rides often (I ride a TRX400EX) and the bike is very fun and easy to ride. My friend owns a CRF230F and he has let me ride it as well -- I can ride the 150 all day long and not be tired...after a day with the 230 I'm spent. But for me (190 pounds), I like the 230 more than the 150 -- not only for the power, but the bigger wheels (the larger wheels really help for trail riding -- going up a hill with a rut from water drainage, the larger wheels make a huge difference.) With that said, I bought the bike for my 14-year old (about 100 pounds or so). It was his first motorcyle -- he transitioned from a TRX90. The first ride with the bike (a 5 day trip to West Virginia) he was able to handle the bike perfectly -- not only riding a motorcyle, but handling a clutch as well. The battery is somewhat a disappointment. I honestly hope my son accidently left the key on in the ignition to drain the battery -- I would hate to think there is something wrong electronically with a brand new bike. By the way, thank you for all your posts.
  6. How do you tune a carb with the air/oil screw properly and when do you know it is running properly? Thanks in advance,
  7. Is there an inherent problem with the electric start on the 2006 CRF 150F? I bought the bike and within six months the battery was dead (couldn't be recharged). I bought another battery and installed it and within a week or two the battery was dead again (I could charge it this time). Does having the key in the ignition drain the battery? Does having the key in the ignition and having it turned ON drain the battery? What other causes could lead to the battery's depletion? Thanks,
  8. How much oil does a 2006 CRF 150F take? I don't have the manual yet. Thanks in advance
  9. E7O

    oil leak-be aware!

    I'm hoping/guessing that it was a freak thing, like I once dumped my '93 XT-225 and a perfectly-placed object hit and broke my sparkplug off. However, anything can happen at anytime, so please keep us naive people posted if/when you figure out how to fix the problem.
  10. E7O


    Do you mean "Carpe carp" . Sorry, just trying to play off your neat little phrase... I haven't tried, but your experiment warrants interest. Please be sure to let us know if/when you do it how it turns out.
  11. Nah! I'm just kidding Matt...I know youre on this board daily trying to find new things out about your new "kids" toy.
  12. I can't figure out why my front shocks are squeeking so bad. I've tried spraying some WD-40 up the front shock area and that did nothing... I have good compression in my springs...what could possibly be making so much noise?
  13. I recently bought my son a used PW50. I had the carb cleaned, put in a new air filter, changed the plug and oil etc... Well this has been a rather good learning experience for me, however I still don't think I've got it down. I want to adjust the air/fuel screw on the carb so it runs as best as it can. I had it screwed way in before and it ran very slow and cut out. My friend came over and took the screw out a few turns and it reved much higher and ran faster. I have noticed that at top speed with full throttle it kind of burps a bit. It doesn't slow down and it doesn't stall and it kind of feels like its doing its best, but just can't go any better. I don't know if this is normal. Anyway, I bought a maintenance manual and it tells you to adjust it using some gauge. I don't own this gauge and wondered if there is anyway I can do it without it...perhaps someone out there has a PW50 and has their carb set just right and can tell me how many turns out from bottom they have it set and I can use that as a baseline. Thanks,
  14. E7O

    Pw50 Help

    I just aquired a PW50 for my youngest son. I don't know much about the bike at all...not even the year. The bike's serial number is JYA3PTWO1WA234440. Any clue on what year? I read that the 10th digit is equal to a year....I found a site that said "W" was 1998...I don't know if this is true or not. Thanks,