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  1. rockcrawlerdude

    crf 80 with 120 kit

    oh ok cuz i found a low compressioned xr100 for sale for around 350 that i was going to buy and put a new top end in in then throw it in the xr 80 we have cuz it needs a little help gettin up the big hills, atleast with 180lb me on it 8)
  2. rockcrawlerdude

    crf 80 with 120 kit

    how much HP difference is there between the 80 and the 100 motors stock for stock??
  3. rockcrawlerdude

    XR100 flywheel lighting

    also since you brought up jetting i noticed that our 02xr80 has a bog to it when you open it up at once instead of rolling on the throttle. where im at we have an average elevation of 693.49 feet above sea level. i pretty sure the jetting is stock any suggestions on how to get rid of the bog or do these mini thumpers suffer from the same bogitis that the racing four strokes do?? thanks N8
  4. rockcrawlerdude

    110 or 120 rear tire?

    just picked up a sedona mx887it http://www.bikebandit.com/product/15023?WT.mc_id=666111 to see how it holds up to the hard pack rocky terrain where i ride... ill keep y'all posted oh and i went with the 110/90-19 size after reading that the 120 makes my 05 crf450 turn worse...LOL
  5. rockcrawlerdude

    110 or 120 rear tire?

    my 05 450 needs a new rear tire and ive notice most of the new 450's are running the 120 in the rear. so should i keep the stock 110 or go with the flow and get a 120??? TIA... N8
  6. rockcrawlerdude

    VIDEO: Factory Honda Europe.....

    anyone notice they are running showas instead of the new KYB's????
  7. rockcrawlerdude

    XR100 flywheel lighting

    awesome i need to contact my machine shop tomorrow to see how much $$ they going to charge...
  8. rockcrawlerdude

    XR100 flywheel lighting

    awesome! yea i need to look into doing it cuz its kinda slow to rev out and my duaghter is used to her 65 so a little more hit wont her her at all...
  9. rockcrawlerdude

    XR100 flywheel lighting

    has anyone ever heard of that happening on a lightened flywheel?
  10. rockcrawlerdude

    Uni filter for XR80/100

    thanks i was going to order an K&N but that may be easier to use since i already use notoil on my CRF450 filters....
  11. rockcrawlerdude

    XR100 flywheel lighting

    any hints????
  12. rockcrawlerdude

    XR80 Auto clutch??

    any update on this project???
  13. rockcrawlerdude

    07 SSR 150TX value...

    ill give ya $50 for it...
  14. rockcrawlerdude

    Is it bad to change over my tranny oil??

    what about belray gear saver?
  15. rockcrawlerdude

    Is it bad to change over my tranny oil??

    yea mine hasnt seen the rev limiter since i got it! as i prefer to short shift when i ride... i just changed my oil at about 6 hours... looked brand new!!!