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    Question about wires from '08 TE450 tank

    Wow...de ja vu all over again. This exact same thing happened to me about a month ago, and it's been quite an odyssey to fix the tank ever since. What I finally did was take the plastic elbow completely out of the fuel pump (just muscle it out-it's a star washer that holds it in place), tap 3/8" threads into the pump, and use an Earl's 90-degree elbow with yellow teflon tape on the threads. I then replaced the fuel line with a steel braided one (again from Earl's), which turned out to be overkill, since the stiffer braided line made it tough to make the bends to the fuel injector, and that braid is mega-abrasive to anything it comes in contact with. I think I'll replace the braided line with a good old fashioned rubber fuel line. That plastic elbow is amazingly cheesy and surprisingly easy to break. I will not be surprised to hear about them cracking in the very near future. David