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  1. i found a used head with all good components so maybe i'll still have some luck fixing my bike to sell it after all.
  2. I was out riding today and had strange noise in top end in my yz400f i removed the valve cover and the exhaust cam bracket was broke in half. any one else experiance this? Where can i find a replacement bracket?
  3. i need some advice on new sprockets what brands the best what size is good for mostly riding at the dunes with paddle tire but still some good trail speed?
  4. I love to at the sand dunes at lake channel, and st anthony i ride inthe mountains anywhere i can Rockland, kelly canyon ski resort in summer, Heise mountain, Island park, the cannal in my back yard. i just can't stay off my YZF.
  5. Thanks for all the help i think i'll take the advice and put the motor in. Maybe mod it a little in the process.
  6. I have a 1998 yz400f and wouldn't mind having a bigger bike, I have a good friend with a wrecked 01 yz426f with an unharmed motor. Does anybody have any input on how hard it would be to convert the engine to my bike?
  7. i was just wandering if anyone is running race gas in their bikes, if so what r u running and what is it like in power and in price?
  8. Has anyone been to or raced in the Widowmaker Hillclimb if so how was it? how is the mountain?
  9. How does the power of a 1998 yz400f compare to the bigger bikes "426,450"
  10. I just baught a yz400f with whitebrothers exhaust. how do you think it would do compare powerwise with bigger bikes like 426's or 450's?
  11. i just got a 1998 yz400f and i wanna know how it's speed would compare to a bigger 426 or a 450?