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  1. allwett

    2016 FC350 Fuse problem

    New 350 less than 5 hours on it. Main 10 amp fuse keeps blowing. Must be a short somewhere because it will blow as soon as new one is put in. Anyone else have this problem? Thanks
  2. allwett

    TTR 125 Shaft main drive breaking ect.

    Thanks for the well timed post. Broke something tonight. Will get it pulled apart and figure it out.
  3. allwett

    Anyone Rooting for Barcia?

    He made that the funnest race to watch this year. Keep it up Barcia!!!
  4. TTR 125 with electric start. Then put a rekluse in it and you life will be great. She can start it herself no problem, and you take the clutch out of the equation, but it's still there if needed. Have 2 one for my wife and 15 yr old daughter. Do this so you can enjoy your ride.
  5. allwett

    Starvation Ridge GP (Slideshow)

    Thanks, nice pics.
  6. Nice post and pics. My rekluse is sitting in a box waiting for the valve job to get done. Looking forward to it. Is the dual brake kit with clutch worth it? $369 seems like to much to me!
  7. allwett

    XR100 or TTR110

    the e-start is hard to beat for a kid. makes my life easier to not have to start it for them. don't know why honda doesn't do it.
  8. allwett

    ttr90 for my wife 5'1"

    ttr 125 with a rekluse in it. my daughter has one and it makes life so much better.
  9. allwett

    Eagle Scout project Video

    Congratulations on the sons eagle. A lot of work for everyone, but worth it.
  10. allwett

    The Importance of Helmets

    Glad you're okay. Sounds like a bad one. Would be interesting to find someone who actually saw it to figure out exactly what happened. Point taken on the helmet, a reminder is always good.
  11. allwett

    concusions suck....bad

    What was this thread about?
  12. allwett

    Some pics from today

    Looks like a great day.
  13. allwett

    Scams all over the place

    Sell just 2 of these "bikes" a month and make and extra $70,000-$80,000 a year. Don't need a lot of suckers to make it worthwhile for the slimeballs.