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  1. jademan

    CRF50 engine running hot!!!

    actually i just put in a bigger jet and stoped the bogging im up in vegas and the carb is a lot better than a 20mm for the 88cc kits
  2. i put a brand new 88cc la sleeve top end and put a 26mm mikuni carb on and the motor is very hot and the plug is perfect my bike does bog a lil when im pinned
  3. jademan

    CRF50 motor

    yeah after market motor sorry about that
  4. jademan

    CRF50 motor

    what is the best after market for a crf50 that is not too crazy in price?
  5. jademan

    2003 YZ250 pease help

    I was riding my 250 in 5th gear and goin down the road then all the sudden it lost all its power and it wanted to die and now i cant get it started anyone know what it could be