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  1. MotoJunkii

    Difference Between CRF450R & CRF450X

    Just depends on how you use it, really. You're going to have more maintenance on the R because it's getting more abuse from jumping, crashing, ect.... add the chains, sprockets, fork oil changes. For me the oil changes were the same, air cleaner maintenance was the same. The R just got more beat-up on the track than my X did.
  2. MotoJunkii

    Difference Between CRF450R & CRF450X

    YES we are! I've retired to the supermoto world though
  3. MotoJunkii

    Results - 2012 CRF250R Rebuild

    My son has been riding the piss out of it for 6 race seasons. Because of it, I've been a little paranoid lately of some kind of failure on the track. Rather than wait until it fails by throwing a rod through the case [As in this example https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iYXeEIyp1fc], I figure I'd get ahead of it and replace the critical wear parts beforehand. These 250's get alot of high RPM abuse- 450's not so much. I had a 2005 CRF450R that probably had at least 300 hours on the bottom end when I sold it. It still started in 2 kicks until the day I sold it and never gave me a problem- it was a solid bike. As long as you change the oil and air filter, these Honda's are golden. I think a big reason for this is Honda's design which separates the tranny and engine oil. Why other manufacturers don't do it, I will never know. That's what keeps me coming back to Honda when it comes to MX bikes.
  4. MotoJunkii

    Results - 2012 CRF250R Rebuild

    So over the years I've seen a million posts on oil, what to use - what not to use, as well as maintenance varying disciplines. Just had my sons 2012 CRF250R Top and bottom end rebuilt. After looking at the crank and piston, I'd say that my disciplined maintenance paid off. I changed the oil every-other ride with good-old Rotella, and changed the air filter every ride (in a rare case I'd go two rides on the air filter, but not more than that). Original Crank 140 hrs Piston 70 hrs Barely any play in the connecting rod - probably still within spec Overall, looks like just the expected skirt wear. But nothing out of the ordinary. Pretty happy with the results.
  5. MotoJunkii

    Hot Cams Stage 2 Camshaft

  6. MotoJunkii

    Is that normal sound for DRZ?

    sounds better than mine...sounds normal
  7. I have no idea. I'm inclined to say FcrMX, but I'm not sure. here's a picture. Can anyone confirm for me?
  8. So I bought a used DRZ400SM last summer and have noticed a few upgrades the the previous owner invested in. Unfortunately I bought it from a dealer, so there's no way to confirm the history and some of the internal upgrades, but one I know the stock carb was swapped out. Is there an easy way to tell the difference between the 39mm and 41mm FCR? I'm trying to figure out which one I have.
  9. MotoJunkii

    Can you ID this throttle cable?

    so I ended up ordering a replacement from Eddie Sisneros. After two weeks it never showed up and I told him to send me another one or just refund my money. He refunded me promptly, but after two weeks of and no cable, leads me to believe that he never sent it to begin with. Planning on motor work for 2015, but after this experience, I won't be sending it to his shop as I was planning to...
  10. MotoJunkii

    Lets see those white Deezers....

    What headlight setup is that? I LOVE it
  11. MotoJunkii

    Can you ID this throttle cable?

    thanks for the advice. Turns out my bike has the Motion Pro SSW throttle mod. I contacted Eddie Sisneros and ordered a replacement for $40...should be a match. Crossing my fingers it works
  12. MotoJunkii

    Brand new 2014 DRZ 400SM

    Congrats....you won't be able to stay off of it. It's too much fun.
  13. MotoJunkii

    Can you ID this throttle cable?

    He didn't say what he uses...but from what I was able to find out it gave me the impression it was a custom cable made for the DRZ SSW single pull setup. $40 bucks shipped. I just pulled the trigger paid it, knowing that it was the same cable I had before. The throttle end of the cable has a threaded insert, and with my luck if I guessed at it I would get it wrong. If I was feeling adventurous, I'd experiment with the RMZ450 throttle and cables...I might do that next year when I get some spare time just for the heck of it. But for now I need to get back on the road.