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  1. 68Z400S

    Suspension bleeders spewing oil.

    Problem solved, got to ride over the weekend with the stock screws in, nice and soft like it used to be. Turned them out the next day with the bike on the stand, and a very small (normal) amout of air came out. My bleeders are now also resting in the garbage can.
  2. 68Z400S

    Suspension bleeders spewing oil.

    So glad I found this thread, I was having the same issue with my 250R forks, they were very stiff, no oil leaks, not binding, settings all the same, (thought the neighbors kid wanted to tighten some bolts for me) lol. Just air bleeding all the time, thinking now that the bleeders are letting in just as much air as I let out. I just called factory connection and the tech I spoke to suggested taking them off, in fact if I sent the forks with bleeders, they would return them without bleeders..."they don't seal as good as the stock bolts." also suggested the correct way and time is with the bike on the stand before a ride, not during a ride with the wheel on the ground, like I was doing. TT just saved me a few bucks!
  3. 68Z400S

    KIPS - Top End Info and How To kdx200

    great info. mine looks good but great know and have a source for parts if needed. appreciate all the replies. Bike back together and break in done, just waiting to let it rip hopefully before the 1st Harescramble in a few weeks.
  4. 68Z400S

    KIPS - Top End Info and How To kdx200

    Thanks Sean, I appreciate the info. ever see problems with the components that drive the rod? Don't think that there is any issues with mine just curious. My valves were very tight before the rebuild, hoping the cleaning will make them work properly and give it back some top end. Felt like it wasn't breathing on the higher RPM's with both the Rev pipe or the woods pipe, they felt about the same.
  5. 68Z400S

    KIPS - Top End Info and How To kdx200

    Great job with this write up, Thanks for doing it! Almost finished with my 200 rebuild and am curious what drives the power valve? I know the rod coming from the bottom end but what makes it move? RPM's off the crank? My powervalves were fairly tight from carbon before the rebuild, and power felt a bit lacking on the top end. Now valves are nice and free, but just wanted to check the source of movement to make sure it was working properly... Thanks again for the very useful info in the post!
  6. I have raced a handful of NETRA harescrambles in the past, starting out on a YZ125 and now have an 06 YZF, IMO the 250f gets the job done better. Mid pack B-vet rider so I am not shattering any records on either bike. The suspension was re-valved for woods (or should I say netra rock gardens) and also have an autoclutch installed, along with the skid plate, bark busters and rad braces, the 250F has worked perfect every time. Can't wait to get started again this year...
  7. 68Z400S

    08' to 06' 250F exhaust compatable?

    Did you have the complete system, or just the muffler? My head pipe is the worst part of mine but the muffler is damaged also, So I was thinking as a complete system. Thanks for the info.
  8. Hey, Anybody know if the stock exhaust from an 08' YZ250F will fit on a 06'? Need to replace my bent pipe on the 06' and see an 08' for sale on ebay. Thanks. Newbie...