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  1. Guys (Gals), I'm stationed here in the UK and can only bring 1 toy with me. I have a 2006 TE450 and really want to use it for SM and harescramble use. If anyone has info available about a conversion kit or set of parts I would really appreciate the info. Basically I dont want to have to change the calipers / rotors each time i swap over, just slap on a new set of wheels and mabe do a caliper relocation. Any help appreciated. Poach
  2. poacher

    Chain Guide

    The 06 TE450 rear chain guide is only held on by 1 bolt and hangs down a fair bit. I do a lot of tigh woods (read that logs to jump) riding and keep tweeking the da#ned thing. Anyone know of any aftermarket stuff or am I gonna have to have something milled? Already tried some sheet stock but that ended up crumpling in the end. thx Poach
  3. poacher

    2006 TE-450 Leadtime

    Not anymore...
  4. poacher

    Rear tire

    I should have asked if anyone was using the TeraFlex 150/90-18 on a TE450...
  5. poacher

    Rear tire

    Anyone using a TeraFlex? Does it fit?
  6. poacher

    Drz 400 Vs Te 450

    Well I couldn't take it no more. Found a TE450 yesterday, go pick it up tomorrow....Looks like I will have to change my avatar. BTW, this one comes with 2 exhaust systems....one a little less "plugged" than the other. Anyone hear of this before?
  7. poacher

    Drz 400 Vs Te 450

    I hear ya on the picking it up piece. I'm 48 and its getting heavier each time I go over the top.
  8. poacher

    Drz 400 Vs Te 450

    Actually I am looking for a more nimble offroad bike with some snap. I have the DRz set up such that the road performance now suks and it still wallows in the woods. I will likely turn the Z into a superMo when I replace it. The big question is should I wait for KTM to catch up (2007) or go with the Husky.
  9. poacher

    Drz 400 Vs Te 450

    Just saw "WHich Bike" from DRZBruce.......think I got an answer
  10. poacher

    Drz 400 Vs Te 450

    I am currently riding a DRZ400 and like it except for the weight and the wallow. Thinking of jumping into a TE450. Anyone have experience on both? Is the difference that significant? Thanks
  11. poacher

    Lunched my rear hub

    I lost my rear bearing way too far from my truck deep in the granite hills of New Hampshire. By the time I got back hub was destroyed. Anyone got a rear wheel they are willing to sell me.....?
  12. poacher

    Lunched my rear hub

    Reamed out pretty good. Had to use a breaker bar to press the new bearing in and you can still hear it whine.....
  13. poacher

    Lunched my rear hub

    I just lunched my rear hub at a dual sport in New Hampshire....50 miles from nowhere and nasty grinding from the rear wheel... Anyone have a rear hub or wheel for sale???? Thanks
  14. poacher

    It's a small world on the Internet

    Well well, the good doctor really is talented....
  15. poacher

    OT- any serious foosball players out there?

    Dynamo Fats sez Get Foozed....