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  1. Im not doing anything its my brothers bike 220 miles away. He had a shop put the metzler marathon 880s on. Apparently they mounted a 120/90 18 marked FRONT on the rear. Ok this tire is a front tire as stated by the metzler website which i posted earlier. I was wondering of this was going to screw anything up. These tires are a custom application tire and this is why it is available in this size. Again this is a FRONT tire mounted in the REAR. will it mess anything up.
  2. no its stock xr400 rims 18 rear 21 front. the tire comes in a 18 front as well as a 21 from. the tire is meant for custom applications apparently
  3. i realize that but it is a labeled as a front tire and it is on the rear
  4. correct but it is labeled as a front on the website
  5. its my brothers bike and he uses the bike as a commuter.
  6. nope its a front tire. 120/90 B 18 M/C 65H TL off the metzler website.
  7. My brother just got an xr400 and got some new Metzeler marathons for it. Well the shop put a tire labeled front on the rear. Is there any problem with this?
  8. i guess ill bring this back up since its been cold here. what gloves are you all using. i need something better DRew
  9. yeah it happened to me about 3 months ago. I just JB welded it and off i went
  10. x2.. i love mine it was 246 shipped off e bay Drew
  11. i think it would fit with the tailgate down Drew
  12. a gerber tool and some screw drivers if i am off road i carry common sized wrenches and some small parts like fuses. Drew
  13. i just got a white bros muffler on ebay for 256 shipped ill rate it prolly at the end of the week. anything will be better then the crap i have on there now Drew
  14. please done make new ones. that helps get stuff closed down Drew
  15. i just lft my 650l into the back. j/k i need help with it on my truck its lifted several inches and is on 37 inch tires there is no way i can step up while pushing. Drew