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  1. My brother has a crf450 and he will tell you the same about his ride both and read alot of forums and you need to decide what will fit your nriding style and skill level!!!
  2. My RMZ450 with a new suspension just rocks!!! That is why I'm in the RMZ450 forum.
  3. Unless you are a PRO you will not ride any of the top four brands to their potential!!!!
  4. The power will let you know who is the boss if you are letting the bike ride you!
  5. I have ridden pretty much all of Utah so anybody know of good riding area close to Utah that i can still drink beer!!
  6. I wrote the thread about my bike popping on decel. I will let everyone know if it works. I was told i needed to pay the dealer to go through the carb when i called a mechanic. i will also check the spark plug and see if it looks to be burning lean.
  7. Do i turn it in or out and what is the chance of causing damage. I am new to the thumper world so is this something i should pay a mechanic to re jet my bike?
  8. I went riding in the desert and when the bike warmed up i noticed that it would pop when i let off the throttle. why does it do this and what do i do ? please help becuz i am new to the thumper world and do not want to cause damage.
  9. How did you get around the chain gude when you went to the 50? I have a 50 and not thinking anything about the guide it ate the rubber which is easily replaced but i learn that there is zero adjustment to the guide so what did you do?
  10. I went out to the desert riding this weekend when i noticed that when my bike warmed up it would pop when i would let off the throttle. Please help, why is this happening and what do i do ? I am new to the thumper world.
  11. I went out this weekend to ride in the desert on some sand hills and flat lands when i noticed that when it warmed up the bike would pop when i would let off of the throttle. Please help me cuz I am new to thumpers!!
  12. I did put some aftermarket graphics on my RMZ450 and it is killer looking and makes my wife wet. Most of the sticker is on the shroud.
  13. I want to find all the Fire and EMS riders and talk to them about why they chose this as a stress release and how is it working, new at the riding thing.
  14. I also just got the RMZ450 2005 and was wondering what to buy. I am so thankful for this web site becuz I am also 35 years old and wanted the easier to handle bike. I also learned from racing many years ago that smooth is always faster than out of control. I too am messing around with the bike. I did the suspension and next is the pipe so any recommends will be appreciated.