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  1. eatalotapeaches

    swapping carbs, where did my vent go?

    Trying to swap out the carb on my DRZ S becuase mine was gummed up. I bought a used carb from a DRZ, not sure of model and had it rebuilt. It was not an E so I pressumed it would swap directly. After I get the thing hamboned in there I realize the lines are not the same. The new(er) carb does not have a vent line to return back to petcock, originating from same location as the original. The new(er) carb does have a vent line at the right rear (behind throttle linkage), going straight down 4-5 inches and terminating. What is this other line? What do I do about not having a return vent for my petcock? Isn't this line needed to keep the fuel flowing? (I really liked the stock carb/petcock and don't want to fiddle with turning off a gas vale after evey ride...) Both are Mukini carbs and look identical, except new literally does not have holes drilled from factory where the vent would have been. :banghead: TIA
  2. eatalotapeaches

    Minimalist but complete tool kit wrench sizes

    I brought home the digital calipers from work today to measure the nuts, only to realize my Craftsman toolkit includes up to a 24 mm socket. I could have answered my own stinking question after all... Thanks for the follow up response
  3. eatalotapeaches

    Minimalist but complete tool kit wrench sizes

    A 22 for rear and a what for front? I did a search, hench replying to a 6 month old thread. I didn't find the answer to my exact question, still haven't actually
  4. eatalotapeaches

    Minimalist but complete tool kit wrench sizes

    I'm looking to order the tire irons with wrench in the end for Christmas, what sizes are needed to remover both wheels? I don't have the factory tool kit
  5. eatalotapeaches

    Whats your longest DRZ trip?

    I wanted to get a feel for what some people (and the DRZ) are capable of handling on a trip. I was thinking 3 different categories being: single day (24 hours/ nonstop), weekend trips, and your longest continous adventure. Include a brief description (miles/ hours, dirt/street, avg speed, whereabouts...). I would like everyone's input even the lurkers. I don't really have anything to brag about but I'll start. In a day- 300 hwy miles speed 70-90+. 3 day weekend- 450-500 miles at Deals Gap, CS, BRP... , No real "adventures"
  6. eatalotapeaches

    excel wheel stickers

    Did I see a "Flash to Pass" button on his BRitish version of the SM? I want one!
  7. eatalotapeaches

    using loc tite

    I lost one of the mounts for my handgurds, probly from the exhuast vibrating so much. I just got a set a Dirt bagz and new mounts for the hand gaurds. Which grade of loctite do I use on each? (I've never used the stuff before) How much to apply? Is it applied where the nut will come to rest on the bolt or after the edge of the nut to stop it from going past. Pictures anybody... How is the bolt loosened later if need be? Didn't see anything but CS nut answers in my search. Thanks in advance.
  8. eatalotapeaches

    DRZSM Makeover...

    "does anyone know if Arizona requires turn signals?" According to http://www.ama-cycle.org/legisltn/laws.asp "No". Very good site for checking on mirror, blinker, lane spliting.... laws.
  9. eatalotapeaches

    Anyone taken a driving test on the DRZ?

    Since my DRZ S is the only bike I've owned it was my steed for the test. In Mississippi the road test was SO EASY. Show them how to operate the flashers/horn, leave the lot and take four simple rights. The written test however was retardedly aggrevating. The DMV didn't have a book so I took the test blind (and failed), went out of town for a book, retried and passed. Mind you I wrote down difficult ?'s off the exam BOTH times that were NOWHERE in their "handy dandy" book!!!
  10. eatalotapeaches

    How to ride a SM on the street?

    Oh, so one of the reasons your sticking the leg out up front is to add weight (traction) to the front end. Nobody still answered my question about do you sit or stand in the corners???
  11. eatalotapeaches

    How to ride a SM on the street?

    In really tight corners like these, do you "sit" on the seat while cornering? or are you standing with all your weight on the outside peg? Any other advise for beginners is appreciated.
  12. eatalotapeaches

    Advise on different tailight option

    I think that ya'll are kind of missing half the point. The look I am shooting for is preferably NO blinkers anywhere, unless they are IN the tailight itself. I know it can be done, just don't really know which sport bike light will fit best. I guess another question for the more experienced guys is should I even bother with blinkers (for cager safety factor and being harassed by the fuzz...) as Mississippi and Alabama do not require sigs anyway. As far as the insp. sticker goes, I have been thinking of making a "pocket" inside the air filter panel door (easy access, no tools required) for sticker, proof of insurance, and maybe a license. Any ideas on that?
  13. eatalotapeaches

    Advise on different tailight option

    I am looking at changing the lights/sigs on the rear. The Edge looks nice, but I started thinking what about a light with the sigs integrated. They make them for sport bikes. It would be nice to not have any blinkers sticking out at all (especially since I've broke mine off twice). Has anyone tried to fit the light from another bike? The Zuki GXR tailight is a similiar shape ( http://www.sportbikecreations.net/index.htm ). Any thoughts or ideas? Would it hold up for light offroading? Thanks.
  14. eatalotapeaches

    confused yet happy

    Dude, you got your mom to ride your DRZ! I'm doing good to get my G/F on mine...
  15. eatalotapeaches

    What GPS Unit Sould I buy? Mount kit?

    FYI I always check pricegrabber.com for any purchase like this. Hey, AL E --- What length arm did you go with? Where did you get the bolt mountable base?