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  1. Newxr100guy

    Selling my CRF120/CR80 Conversion

  2. Newxr100guy

    250x 1st or 5th Gear (s) in 450x?

    AR looks like the od on #15 is 23mm any updates on your end?
  3. Newxr100guy

    250x 1st or 5th Gear (s) in 450x?

    I'd love to have a really tall 5th Seems like a worthwhile mod, especially for a dirt /street setup. How many would you need to make it worthwhile.
  4. Newxr100guy

    250x 1st or 5th Gear (s) in 450x?

    Good Post AR oh well, maybe a helpful machinist will chime in.
  5. Newxr100guy

    250x 1st or 5th Gear (s) in 450x?

    motomanX Pm me the Inner diameters for the 1st gear and the 2, 5th gears and I'll do the same. As for machining, if it's necessary that's beyond my capability.
  6. Newxr100guy

    250x 1st or 5th Gear (s) in 450x?

    I have a 250x transmission
  7. Newxr100guy

    250x 1st or 5th Gear (s) in 450x?

    . The 250x is a wider ratio transmission then the 450x Are the shaft splines between a 250x and a 450x similar enough so as to make the 450x a little wider ratio from 1st to 2nd or 4th to 5th 1st gear is on the mainshaft for both and is 13 T 250x= 31T (2.384) 450x=29T (2.230) or looking at 5th gear 250x =22/27 (0.814) 450x 19/23 (0.826) ----------------------------- internet numbers ------ 450x primary drive 2.729 63/23 final drive ( rear sprocket and countersaft sprocket) 3.923 51/13 1st 2.230 29/13 2nd 1.625 26/16 3rd 1.235 21/17 4th 1.000 19/19 5th 0.826 19/23 Calculated difference between gears .605 1-2 .390 2-3 .235 3-4 .174 4-5 1.404 Total difference between 1st and 5th ------------------------------ 250x # Transmission - 5-speed # Primary Reduction - 3.611 (65/18) # Gear Ratios - 1; 2.384 (31/13), 2; 1.750 (28/16), 3; 1.333 (28/21), 4; 1.041 (25/24), 5; 0.814 (22/27) difference between .634 1-2 .417 2-3 .292 3-4 .227 4-5 1.570 Total difference between 1st and 5th I just got these numbers off internet specs and did some comparing on ronayers so don't take these as absolute. This comes to mind as some xr80 and xr100 gears swap out
  8. maybe this is where this question belongs. I'm about to pull my hair out, Any time the temp drops below 45 degrees, starting the bike for the 1st time of the day is terrible with the Electric start.After the first time its not a problem at all. My right Knee is a little iffy so I try and not use the kick starter too much. Battery is up I just checked the valves and they are in spec and have not moved since new Bike is a 2004 250x JE 13.5:1 piston Stage1 hotcam 2007 head Faction SS Intake valves Opened up air box powerbomb head pipe stock silencer. JD Jet kit out of the box instructions red needle. 42 pilot when it finally does start with the choke it idles pretty fast Tried every starting procedure I could find 2 -3 pumps then no gas - choke on etc I tried putting a starter jet from a 450r (72) in there and no help. worse if anything. The bike is a blast to ride, but when its cold It just begins to catch or sputter, but doesn't start. Runs great when the weather is good or once started for the day During the summer it likes to start with 2 pumps, No choke and the throttle cracked a little bit. seems other 250x folks are having the same issue. edit: I looked it up indiana is under 500 ft above sea level Anyone got any help for me on this one ? thanks in advance
  9. Newxr100guy

    Another hard first starting when the weather is cold

    Lets see I'm running a 42 pilot, out of the box jd insructions red needle and main.(I don't remember at the moment) You're not really on the main jet during startup anyhoo.
  10. moved to the jetting forum, maybe Eddie or one of those guys can help http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?p=7260044#post7260044
  11. Newxr100guy

    How can I check if there is oil pressure.

    I started it and while it was upright no oil came out. If I tipped it to the right, some oil came out, so I guess its getting up there. Sure is a quieter motor with a new crank. Thanks
  12. I just finished a rebuild, is there a way to check the oil pressure is getting to the head ? the old xr100's had a bolt you take out while you kick the motor over Thanks
  13. Newxr100guy

    Replacing Crankshaft what else should I replace?

    Anyone ?
  14. Newxr100guy

    Replacing Crankshaft what else should I replace?

    I don't know the hours, I bought it cheap, knowing it would need rebuilding soon. I rode it through the summer as is, now that there is snow on the ground its time to go through it.
  15. Newxr100guy

    Replacing Crankshaft what else should I replace?

    I think that would put me out of my tax bracket. I'm pretty happy with the performance. most of the stuff I ride in is pretty tight. are the 07 or 08 cranks any better then the 04's I saw some mention about one of the seals being a double lip on the newer 250r's but wasn't sure if that applied to the x's as well. Thanks