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    Hey guys, I have an '04 CRF150 And I replaced the Air Box with a "Sock" filter (i had the same problem before I removed the box too) And My bike wont idle and I have to have the choke on and full throttle to get my bike started. As I stated this was a problem before I replaced the filter. And I was thinking it needed to be Re-Jetted. What are the right size Jets/Needle for this? My elevation is ~3000 Ft Thanks guys.
  2. maddermaxx

    Air Filter

    i heard for our height or w./e (about 3500 above sea level) to use like a 155 main. and a 45 pilot. soi think were gonna get a 145 a 155 and a 165 and see. and were also going to get a "sock" thats like cloth that goes over the filter and when that gets dirty you just take it off and put another clean one on.
  3. maddermaxx

    Air Filter

    it's a Uni twin foam filter (black with the red sock) and we took THE WHOLE box off. the filter is hooked straight to the carb. so just rejetting? cool tommorrow we will go pick up some higher flow jets.
  4. maddermaxx

    Air Filter

    Hey guys, im new and today i got a new air filter for my 150. we got rid of the airbox and it's hooked straight up to the carb. and it runs weird now. doesent like to idle anyone know what to do to fix it? oh and btw it did'nt like to idle before.. but now it REALLY doesent want to.