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  1. racemile

    2003 CRF450R (used) Worth Buying?

    crm; I bought a used 03 at the beginning of the season. The guy I got it from told me it had been well maintained. When I started it in his garage I knew the jetting was wrong and therefore mad an assuption about the bike. I got the bike for 4200.00, went through and did the basic maint and changed out all the fluids reset the jetting (JD). and I think my biggest expense with the bike is going to be the in ordinate amount of rubber this bike consumes. It will start on the first or second kick when its cold but will take 4-5 on the hotstart after she warms up. So I am going to think I am probably still running a bit rich. Having come off an 02 WR 426, (my first actual motocross bike is this CRF 450) I now understand why I was getting thrashed at the harescrambles. This bike goes like a bike should go turns like a bike should turn, flys straight and steady and begs for more....... I love this bike......but I should have talked my friend into a different color bike. Race
  2. clears a double without really meaning to........ No she doesn't race, never has. she has been riding for several years at this point but. I don't know if I should yell at her for not paying attention to the instructions about the throttle or slap her on the back and teach her how to do it on purpose next time............ She scared the hell out of herself, and because it was her very first ride on the 450. She decided that she was done for the day after that but talked about it all the way home. When she told us I thought her mother was going to faint. Still kinda proud of her though...she said she didn't land it like she could have....LOL Race
  3. racemile

    Do You Holler When You're Racing?

    This thread is kinda funny. I race like your average speed bump. I get passed all the time but I hold my line and I give when I can and when it's safe. I have NEVER had anyone yell at me. Now I can say, that should someone go by and say something rude or insulting, while I am sure I wouldn't be able to catch them, that certainly wouldn't stop me from visiting them in the pits and explaining rudeness and good sportsman ship to them after I kcik over the bike to get their attention. I have even yelled encouragement at some riders as they pass me. I love going into the corners tight and banging bars in competition. Just my opinion... Racemile
  4. OK now it's time for my 2 cents, I have loved riding since I was eight. Then I got out because I couldn't afford to do it anymore. Finally at 38 I got back into it. When I did I got my wife into it, my now 15yr old daughter and now my 5yr old son rides his own bike. I also did a couple of races (harescrambles) In the first race I had this chick with long blonde hair flying out from under the helmet absolutely ROOST by me her way to her next victim. I laughed so hard I almost wadded myself up. If your ego is to thin to take a couple of smacks, like gettin passed by a girl, you should probably find something else to do......... Faster than you is faster than you be it man woman or water buffalo. You only lose when you quit trying to improve. RaceMile
  5. racemile

    Cant find info about WB R4

    I just bought a used 03 CRF 450 with a WB R4. It has a deep exhaust note. It's loud but acceptable I think. It has a USFS approved spark arrestor. But, since I have not ridden it and the previous owner left the bike with stock jetting I haven't even gone for a ride on it yet. I am waiting on my JD jetting needles to get here. I would love to hear some other opinions as well. Thanks, Race
  6. racemile

    To CRF or Not

    I have a friend who isn't as aggressive a rider as I am, though he is just as talented. I talked him into the DRZ because that is the type of riding he does and likes. He doesn't like to tinker on bikes the way I do and I make sure his bike is running in any case. If you are going to get aggressive get the CRF, if you are going to trail ride and not race or compete beyond an ocassional enduro, go with the DRZ. It really is a fantastic bike. Race
  7. I have ordered the JD kit and radiator braces, I already have teh adjustable fuel screw, What else do I need to get or check out before I hit the trail. I will do all the obvious like changing the oils (both sides) and cleaning the air filter. She needs a new rear tire the front still has a few more turns on it. I think this year came with the remote hot start. The guy I got it from starts it by twisting the throttle a couple of times and pulling the choke. She spits fire if you rev her up when she's cold. (too rich) She has an R4 after market pipe with an arrestor in. I am a little concerned about the rear spring, It's got an after market suspension which I expected to be very soft but held up well under my 240 lbs. I was runnig a 5.6 on the Blue bike. She seems tight, turns well.............. Help out the new Honda Rider Boys
  8. racemile

    Timing - WR or YZ?

    I have had my 02 WR YZ timed for most of it's life. The snap out of the engine is wonderful. At 240 in a towel I need somthing that can pull me. I already had a smaller counter sprocket on the front. I have all the low end I can manage, but, I still ride above 7000 ft most of the time. I think you will love it. Race
  9. racemile

    Riding in sand

    Steer with the rear wheel in the sand, feather/pop the clutch a tad to start the turn, grab some throttle,get the rear spinning , lean, then up on top and back when it lines up with where you want to go. Practice This is a lot of fun to learn how to do Race
  10. racemile

    Track in Fairfield...

    Testing post
  11. I will probably yank everything off again and do some shade tre modifications to this set up and see if I can get it to work. maybe a dab of jb wel would help keep things in place? Any ideas on that? If I am gonna do that I should just goo and have the darn thing welded correctly anyway. What I would like to see is the upturned straight peice turned into a couple of bends so I could move the mount out of the way of the Oil fill tube.......Maybe I will explore that possibility. Thanks, Jason
  12. OK, normally I don't think I would end up in the moron class but I may have to join it here..........I have purchased and installed a Scotts steering dampener for the bike listed below. I got the bolt on set up. On the bike below I had to also purchase a new top triple clamp. Now the issue. First the stabilizer bar (that the stabilizer itself usues to keep the bars straight)floats and wont stay tight. 2nd, if it were to stay tight I would never be able to add oil to the bike. If I move it to the side it seems like it might affect the turning ability on the bike itself. What am I missing here? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks Racemile
  13. racemile

    450EXC vs CRF450X

    MHO...I don't own either one of these bikes, but I sure am looking at them hard. At 41 I do some enduros and such and right now I am riding the 02 426. But this thing IS top heavy! Just sitting on the crf450 ( not the x)gives me a better, lighter ergonomic feel. With some mods this would be a great woods weapon. I know it wont tire me out the way this WR is. The 450 Exc seems to have a bit of overall better enginering as well as a "magic button" and all the toys you can put on it as well as a carb I am pretty familier with. Those are my opinions...You can see I haven't made a decision yet. Racemile
  14. My response would be kind of like that Blink182 song...."If your Dad will s(*& me off.......If your Mom will touch my" .... Well... You get the idea. Racemile
  15. racemile

    Jumping Cow race report

    I haven't been riding at all this year and I decided to do the jumping cow with a buddy of mine who also hasn't been riding this year. I have a new steering damper and thought, "What a great place to test this out!". Ididnt even realize I was fighting the damper on turn setups until I couldn't hold on to the bars anymore. It was to late by the time I figured it out. I was gassed out. I was on miunte 33. My partner limped back to the truck after going down hard on the first lap. He managed to actually bend an ascerbis hand guard. He did it on one of those jolly gully embankments on the way down. I got a call from him on thursday. He actually broke his arm in the tumble. I had a great time! I DNFed but had a great time. For anyone thats intrested, Tim Lyons is a sadist. A genius, but a sadist as well. That first drop off almost made me quit!! The guy next to it said it's a steep hill.............Thats a cliff folks, I dont care what you say. I Did fine in the mudhole, but, I actually stopped for a couple of minutes and studied for a good line through it. I haven't made a decsision about Milliken yet. I did chat with some guys that said this was one of the more physically demanding races in the series. What do you guys think? Race