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    Calling Spokane Riders.......

    Thanks guys. I'm thinking of shooting at ORV. Lots of different types of terrain. Anybody else..... anybody? How active is ORV these days? Being the end of summer and the weathers changing.
  2. I've been a learker for quite a while now and had hoped to get a bike this summer but it just never happened. Single father and all. OK, to the point. I work at KXLY as a photojournalist (cameraman) and every Thursday we have a story in the 6:00 news that we shoot with a High-Def camera. On the spur of the moment last week I got sent out to shoot one and since I still had half a day without any commitments they wanted me to shoot a second story. Nothing seemed to pan out for possible stories so I took it upon myself to go to ORV and do it on the riders. When I got there .... Not one single person. Granted, it was a Tuesday but I thought SOMEBODY would be there. Here's my pitch. I would still like to do this story, If I can beat the weather in doing it. Because of the camera, mud is out of the question. Gloomy weather would not bring out the quality of picture like sunshine would but it still might be worth it. So does anybody go out during the week anymore? I work enough overtime as it is and had hoped to shoot this on a weekday. If I get enough responses for people that would be out there on a weekend I might be persuaded. You don't have to be a big air jumper but that would definitely help to make it in the story. *disclaimer* I can only make this story visually as good as I can with the time I am given to edit it. There have been many times where I had great video but crunched for time to make air, so the finished product wasn't up to it's potential. Just wanted to make sure you know that I can't guarantee a stellar piece if I don't get the time to work it. I say this because since I do this for a living and am supposed to be good, I wouldn't want to let anyone down. Anyone up for being on TV?
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    eat your ego

    Well......... The pictures are in focus.....