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  1. pitbikeguy237

    Hey chinese lovers

    You kids are proving my point...
  2. pitbikeguy237

    Hey chinese lovers

    Wow... Pitster. Great upgrade. yeah........
  3. pitbikeguy237

    Congrats to Shawn MC!

    You helped TT lose another member. I used to think this forum was fun, but I have this funny feeling now that "fun" really has nothing to do with this site. You can have your forum, and run it as you please. I'm done being a part of something where you can't even speak your mind. ciao
  4. pitbikeguy237

    Hey chinese lovers

    WOW You ARE ignorant. One bike snapped its frame. Big deal. Think Xtreme makes a good bike? Went through two of those frames. How about that perimeter frame of Polinis? Supposed to be pretty darn strong and well balanced. I agree with that, but guess what? It still broke when I cased that 55' gap. There's even a youtube of a BBR frame snapping. They broke a frame... big freaking deal. They had import problems, not always their fault. They didn't do their homework. And now, because some of the same guys are bringing Workz in, it makes them bad? WTH? What if this company became the new Kawasaki importer, does that make THEM bad? Dude.... the importers here have NOTHING to do with designing the bikes. Its the main office in Sweden that designed them, and China produced them. To date, these are some of the better looking chinese bikes I've seen. Not comparable to a 12K BBR, but just from going through all of the pics and reading some reviews (swedish translator.... LOL), I'd say it has a chance of being a sweet bike.
  5. pitbikeguy237

    Hey chinese lovers

    Whaddya think about this bike? http://www.workzusa.com/default.asp?c=shop&cat=5&subcat=6&id= Other than being almost impossible to obtain in the US at the moment...
  6. pitbikeguy237

    problem with ssr 125

    Yep, coil. Maybe CDI, but I'd suggest the coil.
  7. pitbikeguy237

    Washougal MX National

    Did you go to Yacolt by chance? I followed some dude on a dual sport bike through back country roads all the way from Washougal to Yacolt, but I was in my truck. LOL. 26 miles unless I'm wrong.
  8. pitbikeguy237

    First Bike stomp elite 125

    Buy a used KLX110. That Stomp bike looks like crud.
  9. pitbikeguy237

    Getting into pit biking

    I've hit 50' + jumps with shoes on. Not the safest, but I don't care. I can't ride with boots on. Put shock absorbing soles in. They help.
  10. pitbikeguy237

    getting new bike

    If you can find a SSR... sure. But seriously, $600 budget for a motorcycle. Are you serious or just messing with us?
  11. pitbikeguy237

    Did I seriously offend you guys?

    My thread got deleted. Anyone get that offended they had to complain?
  12. pitbikeguy237

    best race bike

    Depends on who you're racing. Your buddies in the backyard - Z50 Your buddies on a BMX track - XR50 with bars and a pipe Practice days at the local track - KLX110, Xtreme CRIII Local races, amateur class - KLX138, Xtreme CRIII, Pitster X4R, CRF107, Polini XP4 Local races, Pro class - KLX 148 or 160, CRF124, Xtreme, Pitster or Polini modded out heavily Wam-bam pro races - Everything you can throw into it. I can tell you from experience, a Pitster or Xtreme, even with a few mods, will do absolutely nothing against the likes of McGrath, Pingree, Coen, Beat. I've tried it, it doesn't work. "Racing" is all in the eye of the beholder...
  13. pitbikeguy237

    Racing at Hindsight MX, July 21st

    haha, yeah, we like to keep stuff fun. Too much stress and blowups at races, we try to play things more low key and... well, fun? Isn't that what it's all about? Yes, we'll have small bike classes and beginner classes. At the last race, there were 5 kids there that had never race a day in their lives. So rest assured there'll be a class for him.
  14. pitbikeguy237

    best race bike

    Sikk does not make a good race bike. Their stuf falls apart WAY too easily. Orion, um, no clue. Never touched one, but from the pics..... they probably have their fair share of problems. Pitster, eh. People talk them up all the time, but the main thing they have going for them is good product support. Not the best pitbike made by any means, I'd still say the Polini would kick its butt up and down. But Pister DOES have great representation and support.
  15. pitbikeguy237

    best race bike

    I have a Polini. It's not the new one with the 4 valve head, but I stuck a 138 in it in and the thing is ****ing insane. The frame is pretty sweet, just weak in one point on each side. No biggie typically, but I cased a 55' triple.... 3 times. And it cracked. The engine is... eh, just another engine. Like 7HP (the 2-valve is like 11.5HP, and faster revving). The brakes are tight (ie.... SCHWEET!!!). It's a nice bike, I just wish it had a longer swingarm now that I put the engine in it. Used to not be a problem. Now it wants to flip over all the time!!! IMHO Polini is the best production built 50 size pitbike.