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  1. dirtcurt

    Jumping with 5 missing spokes?

    I too wonder about this one. If you have to ride the bike and have no other means to fix it to get back it's better than walking. You may tweak the rim to never be able to straighten it again. Fix it. How hard is it to put in a few spokes?
  2. dirtcurt

    07-On KTM, EXC HID Headlight Upgrade

    I was able to get some time behind 5 led BD led lights and a 18"led lightbar. All I can say is save your money and wait for those leds. They are instant on and so bright, so tough, and the only way to go in my opinion.
  3. dirtcurt

    what happened to honda 2strokes

    Not Fast(2T)? Anybody remember the shootout between a Service Honda 5002t and a pumped up 5504T CRF? Not even close in the holeshot by 2-3 bike lengths. The 21 year old tester couldn't believe how fast it(2t) was after thinking the 5504t was really fast. In the test I think the 34 year old vet rider would eventually get passed by the younger guy after about 2-3 laps. Get em close in CCs and the pinger will kill 4t.
  4. dirtcurt

    HR 689 please support OHV!

    Please, the BLM is no longer your friend. In the rand MTNs near Cal City they are attempting to gather a $50 permit to ride into about 20 square mile area. They claim road maintenance but someone here can add to this. The real problem is that it includes street tagged vehicles and a hefty fine if your caught without your permit. I have not heard what the final fee is or whether or not it was legal for them to collect this fee. We will find out this season. BLM also likes to cruise covertly into your camps at night to see what your "up to". They also like to check your green stickers and run plates while your away from camp. I have had them do this to us personally over the years of camping in BLM lands. In the 80's the BLM guys would tell you "just don't kill yourself I don't want to have to pick you up" when asked what not to do here. Cops and robbers wasn't their game. They were pretty cool then. This is MY opinion and I'm sure there are good ones(BLM people) out there but so far.....
  5. Well it has happened. They have closed the one close to home place to summer ride out of the heat in Fresno. The sand pit quarry at Big Meadows was closed to riding. In addition they closed about half of the campsites in the area close to the quarry. My little kids loved that place. It was not much, but a nice place to get out of the heat in the valley. i guess I will not be buying my season pass again. Sorry Sequoia National Monument, your not getting any more money from me again!
  6. Well I have to say I'd bust ya after 4k in SOD this summer. That grass is hard to keep nice without riding on it. What did your parents say?
  7. Westernslopenofee.org good people at this org. They will help Nationwide.
  8. dirtcurt

    Verplank trail (27E03)

    Well i suffered a setback today. i am one hand typing today because i went in for what i thought a simple clean out on my left shoulder. i had my right done 12 weeks ago and it was a clean out. i was able to ride street in three days and dirt in.....well self incrimation over-rides this comment. lets just say my doctor is great! and recovery WAS great to this day. however when they cracked me open they found the normal things in error like my right shoulder BUT one of the tendons that attaches my bicept muscle to my bone was detached! not good. 5 weeks of no use(in sling) and who knows how long recovery will be. i almost cried. All i can say is if you have ANY shoulder issues that come and go, go see your doctor! i had problems off and on for 8 years mri did not find it. xray found impingment and it caused the problem. i went back and fourth for 8 years with company and insurance. lawer fixed it( too late for my left side). now i cant ride for a while. its Razor time! long winded but i was able to ride to crabtree monday! i think by looking at the ridge and bottom of trails this could be doable! and a great trail! i was in my landcruiser so could not explore too much but think i have been on this trail from the bottom. i don't think this trail will be that steep. if it drops to the river it could be tough. the crabtree side used to have a road a mile up the ridge and ive been on it with a f-150. the connection might not be that bad because the ridge has one constant grade from the cherry gap side that did not look bad. i also found out that one reason FS might not be helpful is this is hard for the hume lake fs to get to. they might not want people to get out of millwood on this trail. it was also part of the water flume route from lake sequoia and had flume tender cabins along the way. i don't know this for fact but was told it came from "they felled the giants" a book about the redwoods. i also don't think you could have too much trouble from fs if they found you working on it when they just are about to pass a new road use agreement that says no road or trail closures in the SNm. it could even force them to open it??? It IS a numbered trail. my feelings are they can't close this trail for some reason, because if they wanted to and could they would. i also talked to the orv guy from fs and he claimed now its a monument and a stroke of a pen and they can do what they want. seems they would have stroked this trail away long ago, this makes me wonder and the trail number makes me wonder why it's so different from the others? the shift key is a pain when you are one handed! sorry!
  9. dirtcurt

    Another ban to ride on private property

    Check out Richard Mack on google. He possibly has the angle on stopping all of these crazy laws both federal and state/local laws. He was the one who beat the brady bill in the Supreme Court. Your local Sheriff is the key. The Sheriff is part of the Executive branch of our government, has power over ALL other government agencys in his elected county including the president! AND HE/SHE IS ELECTED BY YOU AND ME!
  10. dirtcurt

    Only in America

    Hello, well if you guys look up a person named Richard I Mack, read his book about the county Sheriff you will read the key to stopping this whole mess. Mack is the person who basically stopped the Brady Bill dead in it's tracks. He will also show you how to take back the Sheriffs office which is an ELECTED position in the Exective Brach of our government. The Sheriff has power over ALL other government positions or federal agencys in your county, they can even arrest the IRS if they violate your Constitutional Rights in your county. Check it out and pass the word!
  11. dirtcurt

    California Smog Testing...You have been warned!!!

    Ok I pulled the pin and I'm gunna toss it. If half of the Bay Area guys and So Cal guys would get it together and toss those idiots out of office we would not have this problem. I'm going to blame it on you because Central Cal votes right and we get these laws stuffed down our throats along with the Boxers and Feinsteins/Pelosis. I too am planning my escape to get away from these liberal fools. I am eligible to retire in 2013 and until then I'm under siege. After that I'm packing my s##t. Maybe sooner. Yesterday and today I spent a total of about 8 hours trying to register my 74 Landcruiser after thinking of Non-Oping it. Well God help you if you let your insurance laps in this state you will regret it. It will be almost 2 weeks before I can clear it up all because Arnold decided to contract insurance policeing with an OHIO company of all things. Can you tell I'm pi%%ed, I AM. What happened to "pursuit of happiness" part of our constitution?
  12. dirtcurt

    Oil completely vanished from 525 EXC

    No! ......Dealer.
  13. dirtcurt

    Verplank trail (27E03)

    Well I planted a seed to get the trail cleared in the FS system. The person I talked to thought this was a good Idea for many reasons so we will see what he finds. He also mentioned once it gets open( if it does) a volunteer system needs to be set up to keep after the trail and keep a line of communication going with FS. As far as negatives he thought there could be Indian archiological sites that could be threatened. Currently the pot growers are damaging so much remote areas they may be a bit more open to having people(eyes) in the remote areas. I'm not that good at putting the volunteer side together but did contact Blue Ribbon Coalition to see what could be done. If anybody has any ideas post them here. Last Question is has anybody here ever gone through the correct trail from one end to the other? Would this be best set as a one way trail? Is it all downhill or uphill?
  14. dirtcurt

    Verplank trail (27E03)

    I just got off the phone with a Miramonte CDC trail crew supervisor and got the skinny on the trail clearing training they need. According to him they LOOK for areas to train on and would need only permission to clear that trail and they could go. He said they charge $200 a day for the whole crew of 17 when they are hired to work for other agencys. I also will be calling another person today on the FS side to see what it will take to clear the trail from there. I suspect that somewhere I will meet the "kink" in the system but this looks like a good start.
  15. dirtcurt

    Verplank trail (27E03)

    Hmm... I lost my post? Anyway, we need some green sticker money and to hire the Miramonte Convicts to clear the trail. They could do it in a day or two. That's interesting the trail goes the wrong way. I saw the right turn and decided not good. So where do we go from here? This trail is so cool. It was the old flume trail and houses were there for flume tenders. Lots of history.