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  1. -TuRb0-

    Hmm whats this?

    i just cant figure this one out, im pretty sure that all my hoses are in the right places, ill atke a closer look now to see if there is anything obvious missing off the carb. im such a n00b a this sort of stuff
  2. -TuRb0-

    Hmm whats this?

    i just cant think what connects to it - i havnt any hoses left over, must be one on the carb ive put in the wrong place
  3. -TuRb0-

    Hmm whats this?

    everybody was amazed i was ok, just had minor scrapes and knees were not right for about 2 months because i landed on them. didnt have and protective clothing on either because i was coming straight from work, luckily my packpack and snickers knee pads worked a treat the left leg must have just got pushed away - thsts the only explanation i can give BTW, on a side note can anyone tell me what hose goes on what i think is a breather outlet,
  4. -TuRb0-

    Hmm whats this?

    i got clipped by an audi pulling into a slip-road not meant for his west bound carridgeway, this sent the bike and me over the front of the car and i came off into the grassy side of the carrideway and the bike carried on into the trees (hence the wood on the rad)
  5. -TuRb0-

    Hmm whats this?

    cheers buddy - youve just sorted this thread
  6. -TuRb0-

    Hmm whats this?

    hi guys, just started putting the bike back together after a crash, got a new S Motor in, but something is really bugging me, i didnt have the drz long so i cant identifiy the pipe that i bent and i dont know where it goes! i upload these pics so you know what i mean.
  7. -TuRb0-

    worth it?

    im in the uk, need a new engine as mine was mangled in a recent crash. a guy wants £500 for an 2003 S engine which has done 12000+ miles YOSHIMURA INLET / EXHAUST CAMS YOSHIMURA RACE CDI RHC VALVES / SPRINGS ETC USA IMPORTED 400E BASE GASKET DYNJET KIT K/N AIR FILTER THUMPER TALK CASE SAVER CARBON FIBRE CASE SAVER PRO BOLT KIT ANODISED GOLD NEW CAM CHAIN rather than the extras, im more worried about age and mileage of the engine? is the drz more than capable of this type of mileage?
  8. -TuRb0-

    Inlet manifold

    Sorry im new to Bikes in general so i would appreciate if you could help me, recently i had to have a restrictor washer fitted in the inlet manifold. Because of my age (17) it has to be restricted to 33hp for 2 years or until your 21 (which very comes soonest) where would i find the inlet manifold? again sorry for this newb question
  9. -TuRb0-

    backrest/support for pillion passenger

    youll have to see if it works but you could take the stock rail off the back via the the 2 bolts holding the seat on, then flip it over so the the 2 brackets in the middle that screw into the tool bag are upright - then you can put the rail back on in a vertical position having an instant back rest using the stock rail.