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  1. tpk555

    2004 CRF450R- Oil is out of control!

    Can you point me in the right direction for those part# and how-to? Thanks
  2. Started getting oil blowing into the airbox from the engine vent vent atop the valve covers. Realized it was from too much engine oil in the case. What I realized later was that the excess engine oil was coming into crankcase from the transmission side. Bad seals somewhere I'm guessing. Whats the cause and how should I get it fixed? Simply replace seals or is there a bigger problem? Thanks TT!
  3. Its time to freshen up the old horse. Can someone suggest a good on-line how-to for valve train replacement/adjustment for '05 CRF450?
  4. tpk555

    '02 250F-Lazy idle

    Just got a 2002 YZ250F basket case back together. Besides being a task to start, once running the engine responds OK but wont return to idle smoothly or at all. The engine will return to a fast idle and very slowly idle down correctly. Also notice while attempting to start, even with no throttle applied, I get a pretty good drip of gas from the overflow. Any suggestions before I get into the carb and AP??