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  1. markmon007

    How many have actually ridden a nationals track?

    Steel City on amateur day before the national. It was prepped perfect. The big difference I noticed was you had to ride the track at a faster pace. Most local tracks you have to slow down to hit the jumps, not at Steel City.
  2. Hey Rando, changed my last race (Wed or Thursday) last week. I made some changes because Villapoto was hurt. The website didn't reflect my changes apparently. I did save it because I could see my new picks but now it gave me less points because it was not changed. Anyone else have this issue? Any way the web designer could look into it. Thanks
  3. markmon007

    Lites class line up?

    You wont see it until next week. Nothing official until it is final.
  4. markmon007

    A1 Bring it on

    Villapoto Stewart Canard Reed Dungey
  5. I think it is fine to have the girls out there.
  6. markmon007

    Explain the numbers please

    3 . 3 N a tiona l N umbe rs a. All riders must use the competition number that has been assigned for the current season. This includes the Championship number 1 , career number or a n earned nationa l number. b. Career Number 1. Riders who finish in the top 10 in Championship points from the combined SX, MX 250 and MX 450 classes from the previous competition year will have a priority for the selection of a National two digit available number for their career number. This change take s effect with the selection of 2 0 1 1 career numbers. 2. Riders who fail to earn at least 25 championship points during the season preceding the new season will lose their career number and be issued a new number based on current points. Special consideration is given to a rider if he/she is confirmed with a season long injury which prevents him from competing that season. T his cha nge will ta ke e ffe ct with points from the 2 0 1 1 se a son towa rds ke e ping ca re e r numbe rs in 2 0 1 2 .
  7. markmon007

    MX De Nations TV COVERAGE???

    Usually it eventually does air on TV but it will be many months later. Sucks because you will already know the results by then
  8. markmon007

    Scenerio for RD to beat RV

    I would really like to see Dungey win the motos and Villapoto win the championship. That would at least end the season on a positive note for both
  9. markmon007

    Armpump gone. Hands destroyed.

    Stop doing writs curls, arm pump and hand fatigue will go away with frequent riding and sufficient 48 hours of rest between long rides. Try advil before you ride, it helps
  10. markmon007

    racing/bike insurance?

    I never had any problems with United healthcare
  11. markmon007

    Scenerio for RD to beat RV

    I guarantee that each of them only has 1 strategy. Win. This will be awsome
  12. markmon007

    Motocross Scenerio for RD to beat RV

    Ryan Villapoto has 481 points and Ryan Dungey has 467. Looks like RD needs to win both motos at Pala and RV would need to come in 4th in both motos. That would tie it up but Dungey would have more wins, so he would take the championship. Looks like RV just needs to keep the bike up and ride smart to win. One wreck from RV could spell disaster for him though. Although 2 podiums for RV would wrap it up.
  13. markmon007

    Mechanical Problems This Year

    With all of the electronics and computers they are adding to the bikes, I guess it has more gadgets that can break.
  14. markmon007

    Fantasy Mx

    I did not see a topic come up for southwick last week either. I was wondering the same thing.