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  1. dan627

    fuel stabilizer !

    so running fuel stabilizer in the gas all winter , should be ok ! and not do any harm to the carb or jets !
  2. thought i would ask this question here because it does affect the carb ! i use my klx 400s all year round but in the winter months (in b.c canada ) i don't use it as much ! does putting fuel stabilizer in the gas help at all with build up in the carb ! or does it just help the gas in the tank ! thanks .........
  3. dan627

    idle speed,dr-z 400s

    since i dont have one of those meters to do the job, by ear will have to do ! thanks ....
  4. dan627

    idle speed,dr-z 400s

    does anyone know where to hook up the multi meter or rpm meter to set the idle on a dr-z 400s (2004) ! i do have the manual but it does not show you well enough where to hook up the wires !
  5. dan627

    Best way to get the carb out?

    is it possible to install the jd stage 1 kit without removing the whole carb from the bike then !!! i all ready have the fuel screw plug out. i did it without removing the carb.
  6. dan627

    extended fuel screw !

    i think im starting to understand now !! . PS: thanks i missed that little guy ..
  7. dan627

    extended fuel screw !

    man you guys are quick :applause , would i make those adjustments while the bike is idling and warm! and then turn the screw in or out until its idling good !
  8. why is the extended fuel screw so popular on the dr-z 400s ! when and why should you be adjusting the fuel screw ! and when you do adjust it what is the best way to go about it ? you never know until you ask ...thanks..
  9. dan627

    joe rocket ballistic !

    thanks for the help guys...
  10. dan627

    joe rocket ballistic !

    i was wondering if it ment a different model year ! or maybe heavier jacket or padding ! i may have to call a dealer tomorrow just to ask ! as i am trying to find a good used one with pants , mostly for fall and winter driving..
  11. does anyone know what the difference isi n the joe rocket (ballistic ) jackets,3.0 , 4.0 , 50 .6.0 ect .... what does the 3.0 , 6.0 ect stand for ! ...
  12. i asked you a little while ago about the problem with my 04 klx400sr (bsr-36 carb) and you said i would need to rejet , well its that time , my bike is completley stock ( no toil air filter is the only mod ) and i would like it to stay that way for reliability. i live in b.c canada,close to vancouver and do mostly street,logging roads, and some single track riding, i ride my bike all year round,what type of jetting kit should i install, for best all year round riding!and the least amount of tbls! thanks in advance burned you are #1...ps; i will be installing the extended fuel screw at the same time..
  13. dan627

    End of break-in question

    thanks, i will check out the slack and adjust ....