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  1. I got a pair of Garene Gx1 boots, their about 200$. im on my 3rd season with them and their holding up great. I think their the cheapest boots that are made in Italy. the Formas look nice, their the only hinged boot ive seen for under 300$
  2. if he wanted or could afford a 500 dollar boot he would have posted asking about which is the best 500$ boot.
  3. whats done is done, that kid will probably stop answering your calls. if it didn't come up stolen in your research then I wouldn't worry about it so much. your not going to get the bike back if the cops impound it though. I bet you paid less then 1k for it. when a deal sounds too good to be true they usually are.
  4. in the last video those guys don't sit or stand they push.
  5. it depends on the bike too. I sat a lot more when I rode an XR 400 and DR350 then I do on my KX 250f.
  6. it really depends on the terrain. on my mini "unauthorized" local loop I can sit down on 90% of it. its tight and theirs only one or 2 rock gardens and a few mini flights of steps that I have to stand on. my 2 regular go to spots one is mainly flowy singletrack which I could sit on a good portion on the trails. the other spot is more rocky so standing is necessary on a lot of the sections. most fast riders stand but some sit. I got a fast friend who used to be a professional road racer and he sits a lot.
  7. because of a friends recommendation I got a Shinko 525 cheater on the rear and a f 546 Shinko on front on my 250f. works awesome in the Northeast rocks and roots. I got 6 or 7 rides on the cheater and its holding up well. DO NOT use the cheater on a moto 450. I put one on a my buddys yz 426 I borrowed in Oregon and destroyed the tire in one weekend of riding. I couldn't believe it was the same tire.
  8. that 250l is junk, find a used wr 250 or 450 that's been plated.
  9. it was a tight intake valve. I got the valves shimmed now I'm good to go. I brought it to a shop. they were reasonable. thanks for the help guys.
  10. enduros are awesome IMO, ive done around 10 of them in my life but its been a few years since ive rode one. I usually work weekends, have a family and I'm cheap so its tough for me to do them. it don't help that I never have bikes that are less then 10 years old j/k. I did a harescramble once. it was ok but their was a lot of waiting around. I wasn't hooked. I like the enduros cuz its a combo of race/adventure and theirs a lot of singletrack. most of my riding these days is midweek sessions with my friends who race harescrambles and enduros who are riding midweek to practice.
  11. you guys out in the PNW really have it good out there, I never seen anything like it.
  12. one of my best friends moved to Portland Oregon years ago. he has a yz426 for a spare loaner bike so I finally made it out to the PNW. we rode Jordans Creek in Tillamook and Hood River. best riding spots ive ever rode by a longshot. Tillamook got some really sketchy singletrack that you can get killed on if you fk up. all these pics are Tillamook except for the one with me in it, that's Hood River.at
  13. riding pants are best but jeans will work. 2 of my riding buddies only wear jeans, boots helmets and gloves. I don't know why their to cheap to at least buy gear like kneepads and a CP. their both fast and spare no expense on their newish Betas. I prefer bdu pants personally.
  14. well just have to wait till it comes out then. ill be riding my KX in the meantime.
  15. even with all that HP should still be in the low 40s.