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    2006 kx 250f with NYS street title for sale. it runs but will only bumpstart, not kickstart. it probably needs valves.


  2. elrontx

    service manual

  3. elrontx

    Show your PIG

    just picked up a 91 600. cosmetically its beat but it runs perfect. I cant wait to get this thing in the woods, especially on the powerlines.
  4. fk it, its over with. I just wont do business with him anymore. believe me im not the only one who had issues with him. I was actually considering buying a bike off of him over the winter but after this bs ill go somewhere else.
  5. their good reIiable bikes. i had one and rode the piss out of it for 3 years with no engine issues.
  6. just wait at the intersections. bring a few cans of Miller Light to drink while you waiting if you get bored.
  7. elrontx

    Anyone own Shift mx recon pants?

    I had a pair of the Fox pants which were the same exact design "I think Fox makes Shift gear" and the bottom of the pants were to wide. if your going to get a OTB pant get something more snug around the boots so they don't get caught on stuff. the material was good in the cold and wet though.
  8. check out Walker Fowler. hes got some vids on youtube. hes the top GNCC quad racer.
  9. on a 50 inch trail a quad can only take one line and a bike can take several. that's a big factor. bikes are way more maneuverable and lighter. I think most quad riders are posers but those atv guys who race pro GNCC are the real deal and will smoke most 90% of the guys on this fourm.
  10. im going to ride it till it blows up, ive paid 2200$ for it and its my 2nd season on it. probably get a smoker next.
  11. then they should have replaced the valves. I wasn't looking for a bargain, just some honest work. I just wanted my bike fixed.
  12. the bike was clean and if they told me I needed valves from the start I would have okyed the work.
  13. this is the first time i brought a bike to a mechanic in at least 5 years. i dont mind shelling out money to get bikes fixed but i want the job done right. anybody want to buy a plated 2006 kx250f?
  14. Jim when i first brought the bike there i told him what was wrong and that i cleaned the carb and it still wont start when cold. i told him to fix the bike but call me first if its going to need any major work like a top end etc. when i picked up the bike he tole me one of the valves was really tight so he shimmed it. he said the rest were in spec. he told me the told me the top end looked fine, cam chain and the valves looked fine. he told me he throughly inspected the head. it ran fine for 2 rides then it started acting up again, not starting when cold. when i brought the bike back the mechanic that actually worked on my bike tried to be reasonable when i mentioned the bike wasnt running right but the owner Tom was very unreasonable. i would have paid more money but i wanted him to credit 310$ for the orgonial work. i even tipped the mechanic 20$ for beer money when he first did the work.
  15. i didnt make a scene at the shop, thats not my style but im going to let everyone know what a dishonest person he is.