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  1. Ive had scott, smith and several other brands and the best for not fogging are the 100% IMO. for cold weather I have an old pair of bollie ski goggles I use. their dual payne but their very hot above the mid 50s.
  2. heres a few camera phone pics I took from todays ride. this is my go to loop 1/2 hr from my house, somewhere 45 min from NYC. I'm 44 my buddy on the Beta is 60.
  3. that was a pretty funny video, thanks for posting.
  4. NETRA has some awesome Turkey Runs.
  5. same here with the Gaernes. I'm a 10.5 or 11 in most shoes and their size 10 fits perfect.
  6. Check out the video i posted of the Cowbell, no double track. The race i rode the other day was 2.5 hours plus a lap, laps were 11 miles over varied terrain at pretty much mx pace the whole time. I rode 2:53 as hard as i could, no taking it easy. I clicked 66 miles, the fast guys got 7 laps at 77 miles. Plenty of riders dnf'ed. I'm signed up for a couple enduro events as well, those look interesting but way less close racing. We'll see. That course looked cool.
  7. i rode about 8 or 9 enduros and one harescramble in my life. the enduros were fun because they were challenging and you ride awesome trails for 4 or 5 hours. just finishing was a challenge. i would ride more of them if i had the time and the new start control format is much better then timekeeping. i did one harescramble and it was fun but the course was just come clapped out doubletrack about 6 miles long. i wasn't hooked like most people i know that try that type of racing. i found the enduro courses more challenging and a better value IMO. if you like head to head racing harescrambles is where its at but if you like challenging adventerous rides enduros are hard to beat.
  8. Alot of them are elitist self righteous soy eating d#$^#^=gs. The ones that are cool usually hate other mountain bikers.
  9. We used to have a few small local spots that we could ride without hassle but mountain bikers took over and now they call the cops whenever they see us. We used to coexist and we would avoid certain trails and we had our own loop but eventually the mountain bikers took over and give us a hard time and call the cops on us. Its not even worth going there anymore. I live in Yonkers just north of the Bronx and quadtards and urban "bike life" types always ask me where i ride. I always direct them to the spot the mountainbikers took over.
  10. peel it off and go riding.
  11. Congrats on the bike, the TTRs are the Yamaha version to the XR250. good bikes for technical riding. post some pics.
  12. looks like a good deal, call this guy right away. it wont be on CL for long.
  13. get a 250f, I ride a 06 kx250f and its much better then my 01 kdx 220 in every way.
  14. I heard the wr 250f is better on the road then the drz because the wr has a 6 speed transmission. the CRF is a turd, the dr650 will be the best for street riding, it could do highway all day. its heavy but ive seen people riding them in trails and do ok. the drz is probably the best in the dirt.
  15. a Chest Protector will prevent a lot of penetrating trauma. it could prevent a branch going through your chest,