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  1. elrontx

    New to TT! Just got my 450L! USED!

    went to my local dealership to have a look at the 450l today. I like the egros, I like everything about it. their also a ktm dealership and I liked the egros on the Honda more then the 500 exc. suspension felt firmer too on the Honda.
  2. elrontx

    New to TT! Just got my 450L! USED!

    thanks. I ride singletrack and rocky 2 track with elevation changes.
  3. elrontx

    New to TT! Just got my 450L! USED!

    not trying to hijack your thread but im seriously considering a 450l or a drz 400s next spring. how much better is the 450l offroad in your opinion? does it feel a lot lighter ? thanks.
  4. Don't do it. if you do you'll you will regret it, guaranteed. If you want a newer bike sell your 400 and buy a newer bike that actually runs.
  5. for a cheap theft deterrent buy a combo masterlock and put it on one of the holes in the brake disk. you wont be able to roll the bike without taking the disk off. I did that for years on my plated dirtbikes.
  6. elrontx

    xr 600 r clutch issue?

    put the new clutch in, bike runs perfect now. thanks again.
  7. elrontx

    Regrets Buying a New Motorcycle?

    their too expensive now, ill stick to used. in the early 2000s I bought a new drz 400 for 5100. new bikes cost 2x that much these days. id love to get a new crf 450l but its just too much money. Ill stick to riding my XR 600S and maybe used 2 strokes.
  8. elrontx

    xr 600 r clutch issue?

    thanks, I figured that's what it probably was but wanted to confirm because this is the first time I burnt up a clutch.
  9. elrontx

    xr 600 r clutch issue?

    I noticed last time I rode my 1991 xr 600 the bike would rev fine but it was moving real slow. on the ride prior to this I noticed in the last ride I noticed i was getting clutch fade. I tried to adjust the cable but that didn't help. am I correct to assume the bike needs a new clutch? I know im probably stating the obivious but I want opinions from the guys here who are more mechanically inclined. thanks.
  10. elrontx

    starting an xr 600 after a crashi

    thanks, makes sense. I heard that carb really opens it up. maybe ill do that over the winter.
  11. i went down the other day on my 91 xr 600 and I couldn't get the bike started for a while. I did like 5 kicks with the throttle open while holding the decomp lever and that still didn't work. anybody have any tips? im still kinda new to this bike. thanks.
  12. elrontx

    Best moto x/enduro boots under $250?

    I like the Garene gx1, their the cheapest boot made in Italy and you can find them for around 210$ . ive had a pair for 3 seasons and their still in really good condition. whatever you buy make sure their made in Italy not China. they will last longer.
  13. Yup, I'm close to TSF. Come back for more. will do, Hood River is awesome too. best place I ever rode.
  14. You have a homophone problem. no your just a smug self righteous &%$#@!. I don't have any problems with Homos btw. that's their business.
  15. if you pay a mechanic to fix your car and it brakes 2 days later due to the same problem would you be ok with that? if I was mechanically inclined and had the tools I wouldn't bring it there to begin with. only in the motorcycle sales and service industry to people get away with this.