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  1. i've bought a new 05 yz450. i run the engine in then changed the oil. how often should i change it now? a freind told me he changes his every three tanks of fuel. is that ok?
  2. i just bought a 2005 yz450. i've been told to take it easy for 3 tanks of fuel but the manual says just over an hour. is an hour good enough??
  3. tiggerda1

    yz 250 2-stroke or yz 450f for fmx??? help

    thanks guys, i'm still not sure though, i dont know what to do, i want a 4stroke but i need to find out how the 450 performes with jumps. does anyone know of any fmx riders who ride 450's??
  4. tiggerda1

    yz 250 2-stroke or yz 450f for fmx??? help

    i've checked out the weights and the 450 is only 4 or 5 kg heavier. other than that would the yz450f be a good bike to jump?
  5. i am currently riding a 1995 kx250 i have been on a yz250f but found it didnt have quite as much go as i want. dont know wether to get a 2005 yz250 2stroke or a 2005 yz450f. the 450 is only 4kg heavier so that shouldnt be a problem would it?? i like all kinds of trail and enduro but also like freestyle mx. is the 450 good for fmx?? please help