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  1. I would be there in a heartbeat but its my kid's baseball season now and Saturdays are out for a few months, grrrr. Sign me up for Sundays!
  2. Send me a PM when you are up here, I'll show you around!
  3. California

    Dry all day with some light sprinkles near the end. It was unusually humid leaving us feeling drenched, goggles became worthless for me.
  4. California

    Ok, I'll chime in. The ride was fantastic- chocolate cake dirt, new friends, bear trap, willow gulch, trophy trail and many others. My only complaint was that Rick wasn't there to carry our bikes over the downed trees. But if it weren't for him the ride wouldn't have happened for me so its all good. Looking forward to doing it again.
  5. California

    I'm down to join you all. Staging around landers meadow/station is good. I don't know the Piutes like the Greenhorns & Kernville area but I've been up there enough to not get too lost. Keep me in the loop!
  6. California

    That's right, nothing to see or do in Kernville, now move along.
  7. California

    309 posts and and only 3 of you actually made it. Nice straight easy trail, like riding a sidewalk, piece of cake! Just kidding, I really enjoyed the ride and the company. I'm convinced Lightinquick could motor through Erzberg on that 300. Dirtbound showed some heart and pulled through to the finish. Bummer about Derek and his clutch. Get it fixed, there will be a re-match! Yes we did the entire Rincon out and back. Would have loved to loop in Cedar Creek + Cannell but as others found it, its too early in the season.
  8. California

    Were you the group of 4 we leap frogged with until rincon camp?
  9. California

    Crap Mitch, I've been looking for that saw forever, almost bought another one several times but I keep telling myself its somewhere in the damn garage! I can't even remember how you got it, has it been a couple years? Sounds like you need to bring it back so we can ride again. Haha, thanks for heads up, sounds like my kinda guys.
  10. California

    If this ride is really happening I would love to join you guys. I live in Kernville and I'm always looking for people to ride with. Conditions will be great this weekend.
  11. California

    Thanks all for all the feedback now I know but I really can't understand this regulation and in the end it is preventing us from trying his first race. The para-scramble isn't what we are looking for, its what we do on any given weekend. My son knows how to trail ride and most likely he would be just fine out there with his e-start ttr 110, we regularly ride all the so called 'black diamond' trails at the state parks. There is a gap in equipment for kids this age, what is the alternative for my 9 year old small guy? The serious racers his age are on KTM/KX 65s but he just wants to try out racing to see if he likes it and don't want to drop $$$ on a 65 to find out he just wants to trail ride. I hope this regulation can be re-visited, it is blocking new-comers to the sport the way I see it. -Chris
  12. California

    Thanks, yes the phone # is on there after all. Typical blind male here.
  13. California

    Is that a challenge I hear?
  14. California

    Cannell starts about a mile up river from Kernville on the east side of the river. As Iron-Man said, Rincon->Cedar Creek->Sherman Pass is another option. Rincon can be a butt kicker, be prepared for rocky trials like riding if you go that route.
  15. California

    You've got two options I know of. The most direct route would be the Cannell trail from Kernville connecting to the Black Rock trails (Kennedy Meadows) but the trip down the eastern side of the sierras would be paved on 9 mile canyon road. If 100% dirt is a must then you can start near Kernville in South Lake, Mt Mesa, or Lake Isabella and head through the Piutes to Dove springs/Jawbone and then up either side of Highway 14 towards Indian Wells. The trip through the piutes can be hard to navigate, challenging, and would require a 60+ mile range. PM me for details if you are serious.