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  1. XPC

    Terminater or Rocketa parts availibility?

    Post pic of your bike and that will help to see if anyone can help you.
  2. XPC

    high quality knockoffs?

    This one has some similarites to the RCM bike (ie front end). Their bike RCM bike
  3. XPC

    Has anyone ridden the RC125SX(pit bike)?

    Include me also.
  4. XPC

    All Pitster Colors available now.

    What are the colors that they come in?
  5. XPC

    pit bike motors

    You are correct in you assumption, that most of the parts are the same. Some companies are building a bike from the ground up with good parts. Some are mixing and matching good and poor parts. Others are giving you all crap. The key is to weed out the good builders from the bad. More important make sure they will be able to supply you with parts and service after the sell. Example: Pitster seems to have a properly constructed bike, followed with good service. SDG has a decent bike also, but, from what I have read in the forums, they have limited parts in stock and poor after the sell service.
  6. XPC

    OK, I'm sorry I have to ask!

    Kx250FRiDeR651 I hope you cut and pasted all that and did not type it. Hey that's not the POS I know.
  7. XPC

    pit bike motors

    Yes, another a-holes opinion. The worlds economy, not to metion the economy of the USA would not be as strong as it is, if it was not for affordable foreign product, China or elsewere. Look at all the stuff where you are sitting and ask yourself how much of that was US made. My guess is not very much. Is some product junk, of course. But, these over seas markets are continually improving their product. It won't be to long until we are anxiously awaiting the newest Pit Bike to be released from China, cause it will be all that. They are a persistent bunch. My 2 cents.
  8. XPC

    OK, I'm sorry I have to ask!

    So much for my "Lots Of Luck" theory.
  9. XPC

    New bike?

    The perimeter frame bike is a bike from SSR. It says SSR right on the right side crankcase. The other bike I can not say. Not to fond of them putting BBR decals on it though. I wondered about the brake lever also.
  10. XPC

    Rear caliper problem

    Just want to clarify. Basically, what may be wrong is that the connection rod from the brake lever to the master cylinder needs to be shortened. Right? Makes sense, I new it would be something simple like that. Did not mean to say Thumpster. I must of had Thumpstar and Pitster on the brain.
  11. XPC

    Rear caliper problem

    It is not a Thumpster. Here are some pictures of the bike and rear brake assembly. http://www.freespaces.com/xpcpowersports/viking%20154-1bike.jpg http://www.freespaces.com/xpcpowersports/viking%20154-1brake.jpg
  12. XPC

    Rear caliper problem

    I have purchased 2 import pit bikes and I am having issues with the rear calipers locking up. We have re-bled them, but are still having problems. Anyone experiencing anything similar or have an wisdom to pass on to us. Love the forum.