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  1. 70C has a longer wheelbase (because of the straight swing arm) and a disc brake on the rear. Other then those two items, they are very similar.
  2. For a limited time we are running a promotion on the OGM SX 150 Pro CNC Pit bike. This bike regularly sells for $2495.00, get your now for only $1995.00 This bike features the YX150 motor and a BBR licensed Billet Aluminum frame. This bike was just recently reviewed by Mini Moto magazine and it received very good review. Link to the all the specs here. http://www.outlawpowersports.com/OGM_SX_150_Pro_CNC_150cc_BBR_Frame_Pit_Bike_p/ogm150cnc.htm MiniMoto review pg.1 http://i162.photobucket.com/albums/t258/outlawpowersports/pg1.jpg MiniMoto review pg.2 http://i162.photobucket.com/albums/t258/outlawpowersports/pg2.jpg MiniMoto review pg.3 http://i162.photobucket.com/albums/t258/outlawpowersports/pg3.jpg MiniMoto review pg.4 http://i162.photobucket.com/albums/t258/outlawpowersports/pg4.jpg
  3. That is one huge downside that those bikes have. They are eager to sell you a bike, but they have absolutly no parts support. You can not even get parts from KC. Email us what you are after and chances are we can help you out. support@outlawpowersports.com
  4. The first shipment of OGM SX 160 Pro pit bikes will be arriving soon. Same great bike as the poular, value based, SX 150 Pro but with a bump up in motor size. Visit here for all the specs. http://www.outlawpowersports.com/OGM_SX_160_Pro_160cc_Mid_Size_Pit_Bike_p/ogm160pro.htm
  5. We will definetly take care of you. Pitbikes is what we do for a living. We are here today to take care of your needs and we will be here tomorrow also.
  6. The 110-DX is really designed for young riders, but there are adults who do ride them. The 110--A1 is designed with adults in mind. The 110-A1 is a little better constructed, especially in the swing arm department. Out of the two go with the 110-A1 if you can.
  7. Until the end of September you can pick up the SSR140-TX for only $1459. Here is think to the specs for this bike. http://www.outlawpowersports.com/SSR140_TX_Mid_Size_Pit_Bike_p/ssr140-tx.htm
  8. Until the end of September we are offering the SSR125-B2+ 12/10 bike for only $1398.00 shipped. Here is the link to the spec for this bike. http://www.outlawpowersports.com/SSR125_B2_SSR_Pit_Bike_p/ssr125-b2.htm SSR125-B2-Pro Pictured
  9. Here is you chance to pick up that much wanted 150cc Mid Sze Pit Bike that you have been wanting. You can get this bike through the end of September for only $1659.00 shipped. Here is the link to the pecs on this bike. http://www.outlawpowersports.com/SSR150_TX_Mid_Size_Pit_Bike_p/ssr150-tx.htm
  10. Hmm. I have not viewed any emails recently concerning any X2 forks. support@outlawpowersports.com. We do not have just the o-ring only the complete valve assembly. I have gotten o-rings for the SSR adjuster valves at the auto parts store. That is where I would go first if I were you. If need be we can get you the valve assmebly.
  11. It is a decent bike, but not as well built as the 140TX. The ZOngshen motor in it runs strong and is reliable. One of the best bikes out there for under $1K. Dwnsides to the E4: Neutral start only Stiff rear shock Steel foot peg mounts
  12. In our experience the SSR90R runs and handles rather well right out of the box. Of course you do need to follow the steps outlines above by Persision50. Also we offer discounts on multiple bikes.
  13. The 12/10 gives you more of as wild/squirly ride, which most pit bike enthusiasts like. The 14/12 gives you a more stable ride which more adults and trail rides prefer.
  14. They do use CRF50 plastics. Main downside to those models are the rear shock and the foot peg mounts. THe shock is stiff and the stock mounts are steel and can bend. You may need to upgrade them to a set of Chromoly mounts.
  15. The Blow Out B2 model is a great value. A few downsides that it has over the current model are: Neutral start only motor Non adjustable forks The OGM SX140 is no longer available. We just sold the last 3 of them for OGM last week. I need to pull them off of our site.