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  1. Yamaha

    This May sound srupid but my friend hookewd up a little pocket bike muffler on his sounds crazy. By crazy i mean nice almost like a 2 stroke.
  2. I would say you went the ring way getting a HondA .... Piece of shit need a ktm/yamaha.
  3. ooooookkkkkkkkkkkk
  4. yamaha are bye far the best
  5. I'm just not shure if it's going to be to much power or not for me i was thinking about getting one to.
  6. I thought it was pertty god.
  7. ok well what about ttr-125 he diddnt do shit besides saying that he wrecked a bike and you all just keep getting on his case cause you dont believe him i bet he doesnt give 2 shits about what you all think about him. and i under stood every thing he said hes said that he meant swing arm in a private message to me. he diddnt tell you all caue you just would have made fun of hime for makeing that mistake.
  8. i see were you coming from man they did that same shit to me i dont care i dont talk to them
  9. i dont know who here has a honda 50 but judging by how my neighbors new crf 50 run the are pieces hes very mad i use a ttr 90 for a pit bike those are good bikes had mine for i dont know how long
  10. i dont get why you but these expensive cameras for your helmet when if you ever wreck really bad they are just going to get smashed to pieces i got a cheap one and i crashed off a 40 foot double and when i got up pieces of it were every where so i never bought a new one ever again
  11. no im getting that till next year i get 2 free bikes a year so ill just wait what i got now is fine
  12. id say to re jet it just to be safe its better then having to buy a whole new bike
  13. i do have a 2 stroke i got a yz 125 now and my brother got my old bike im am a racer
  14. i dont have it any more its my brothers now and he wants to know how he can make it faster and i think that that is a perty goog bike for a 9 year old
  15. why did you get a kx250f couldnt handle the power of a kx250