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  1. 211 MX School by Stefy Bau and Florida Supermoto teamed up for an exciting weekend of learning and racing in Tallahassee, FL. On April 15th 211 MX School is hosting a Supermoto school in conjunction with the first round of Florida Supermoto series. The participants will get to learn the entire track with the tips and suggestions of 15 time (Italian, US and World) Women Motocross Champion Stefy Bau. Stefy is the first woman to enter a professional AMA Supermoto National race along side Jeremy McGrath, Jeff Ward, Troy Lee and more. 211 MX School is the first school to be feature on CNN. Come and experience the thrill of Supermoto riding April 15th and 16th at the Messer Field Park in Tallahassee, FL. Taking part in the School will grant you a free race entry for Saturday race and few cool gadgets and product discounts to make this, one of the best experience in your life! For more info contact 211mxschool@gmail.com and visit www.211mxschool.com See you at the track! :thumbsup:
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    Supermoto School

    In conjunction with the Supermoto Jam 2011 in Tallahassee, April 16th, Round #1 of the Florida Supermoto series, we are organizing 2 exciting Supermoto Schools. First class is set to take place on April 15th, the day before the race and with a fun full day of learning we will be given a free entry to race on Saturday! The second class is set for the day after the race, April 17th, and it is meant for first timers, for people that want to experience the thrill of Supermoto riding. Both days are presented to you by 211 MX School. Stefy Bau, owner and instructor of 211 MX School, is the first woman ever to compete professionally in a Supermoto National Pro event. For more info contact 211mxschool@gmail.com and visit www.211mxschool.com and/or www.flsupermoto.com See you at the track!
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    Florida Supermoto Teams

    Thank you for your info. I know Eddy, he just raced those 2 races as a privateer.
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    Florida Supermoto Teams

    Hi everybdoy, I was wondering if any of you knows of Supermoto Teams located in the Southeast and how to contact them. Thanks a lot, Stefy