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  1. Agitator did a full motor rebuild on a 610 of similar age 'tators rebuild is still on here..take a look, charlie
  2. Hi, OLD tech..!!, not too sure TBH, I'm sure George Erl @Uptite in santa ana would know, charlie
  3. Hi, the 250 motor changed relatively little in @ 20 years, @ 1987 to the 2010 are still pretty similar, the husky emblem on the water pipe Front / left of engine, changed over the years.. look at images for a better idea, OR use Halls Husqvarna's excellent parts resource..!! TBH it's too quiet on here nowadays, CafeHusky may give you more info, Charlie - Cagiva / Husky owner
  4. Hi, look for posts by a guy in spain, ( TE 250) he's rebuilt his twice now.. lots of good info there, for info; Charlie
  5. Hi, check on Halls parts page, but other years may well work too..!!, charlie
  6. looks good, particularly ROCK strewn trails..??, charlie
  7. check magnets ring.. other posts on this page, Charlie
  8. the left kick bike has the coils in the air.. corrosion is an issue, the e-start bikes have Japanese electrics in OIL , = no corrosion.. BUT they do still have issues Taliesin in South wales do a service , electrex world are UK based - BUT pricey, somebody on here has some long-running current threads about using alternative ( UK spec - Chinese bike ignitions) nomad410 ; - ) charlie - Oxford
  9. Agitator.. ; - ) listed as Tator's thread, charlie
  10. Hi, and welcome, it sounds as if something is wrong in the valvetrain, look at the 610 rebuild thread by "tator" aka Agitator, some great info on the Single cam motors in there, Charlie
  11. ALL TE should have lighting power, it means "4 Takt( stroke) Enduro" Charlie
  12. hi, "Uptite" on here IS George, THE guy for left kick husky knowledge, his business in in Santa Ana - California, charlie
  13. Fuji's factory..??, maybe call George at uptite, or call Halls they will be out there.., charlie
  14. Hi, most users from that era have now quit TT, but SEARCH should find lots of info, Café Husky may be a good source of info, charlie
  15. for parts in the UK, Huskysport - Hants = importers, Taliesin - Wales (Experts in that class of husky) Charlie - Oxford