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  1. sounds a little goofy to me also.what shop are you talking about,did they tear it down,and did you look at the metal they are talking about.
  2. ridgecrest honda is a old school shop where i got my x from. comes with a plate in the mail too !!!!!!!!!!
  3. holy s@#t, that looks like one bad water hole. what make is the license bracket on the rear fender ?
  4. oh. ok thanks
  5. hey what kind of wheels are those on the bike????
  6. the rm side # plates will not fit on the rmz!!!!!!
  7. Who Makes The Best Graphics For The Crf-x 250/
  8. i'm racing the elsinore g.p. on my 05 crf-x 250 and was thinking of my gearing, stock is 14-53, and i was thinking of 14-49or 14-50. anybody have some idea's ?
  9. sorry i can't help you with your gearing. i'm gonna be racing my crf-x at the lake elsinore g.p. next week. i was thinking of my gearing for there. i'm going with 14-49, stock is 14-53.
  10. yeah a buddy had one of those things way back in the day. it was blue and had some kind of briggs and stratton motor on the back of it. i still have a picture of it somewhere, i will try to dig it up.
  11. no probs with mine. just changed everything over to cfr r top end. installed crf r head ,crf r cam , with pro circuit valves, springs , and exhuast pipe. installed a hinson clutch basket, inner hub , preasure plate. the bike run's awesome !
  12. a buddy and i installed a baja designs kit on a crfx 250 and it seems to work allright, but (yea there is allways a but ) it seems like it's pulling down the battery. wonder what it is ?
  13. change your jetting,here's a suggestion for this. 158 main jet 42 pilot jet ncys-4 clip needle 2 turns air screw
  14. if you want it to look like the pro's , you can take your bike apart to the frame and then first wash it with degreaser and some kind of soap like mr clean. get it as spotless as you can, then starting with a red scotch bright pad and warm water rub the entire frame until you have it smooth and clean ( this uaualy takes as long as you can go and end up with arm pump ) then when you have it as good as you can , switch over and start using a brillo pad keeping it wet all the time. again this will take some time.as you keep rubbing you will start to see the frame start to shine. if you don't wanna take your bike apart you can do most of the frame while you are washing the bike. remember the more you rub the better it will look.
  15. what is the best mod for the airbox ? the top has that snorkel with rubber on it,what should i do.