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  1. What is the best heat shield to protect yourself from hot header pipe? I just burnt a big hole in my riding pants and almost my leg while picking my bike up off me after a fall. I have a 2012 500EXC that I bought used so I don’t know if it originally had one. I assume I have stock header pipe although I have FMF muffler.
  2. CA_trail_rider

    Where’s this bolt go?

    Here’s the specs on the bolt: 10mm x 1.5 thread, 8mm Allen, 16mm length
  3. CA_trail_rider

    Where’s this bolt go?

    Help! Just got done putting my 2007 250X back together after removing and cleaning the carburetor and ended up with an Allen bolt. I double checked everywhere I could see and didn’t see anything missing. Also combed through the manual but no luck. I had the bike apart for a few months so it’s possible it’s from something else I worked on but I can’t think of what.
  4. CA_trail_rider

    2016 500exc

    Dirt Rider has some initial info http://www.dirtrider.com/features/first-look-2016-ktm-xcw-exc-and-freeride-off-road-models/
  5. CA_trail_rider

    KTM EXC headlight LED enduro-tech

    So are you still running it or did you find a better alternative?
  6. CA_trail_rider

    KTM EXC headlight LED enduro-tech

    Sir Thumpalot, I have 2012 500 EXC and notice how the fender seems to block the low beam significantly. Is it worst with this light or does the more abundant light make up for what the fender blocks? It seems the only real solution would be for light to mount higher, do any other lights do that?
  7. CA_trail_rider

    Inspection and service for 500 EXC with 300 hrs

    I feel a lot better knowing there are other high hour motors still running strong. I haven't checked the odometer setting yet but the prior owner did run 17" motard wheels for street so if its not set correctly i figure that's about 3,000 less miles.
  8. CA_trail_rider

    Inspection and service for 500 EXC with 300 hrs

    Haven't seen a used 500 EXC. Seen relatively good prices for XCW but don't want to deal with trying to license in CA. Pulled the trigger and bought it. Bike was clean, ran tight and had honorable owner. Price left room for rebuild and adding lots of extras before reaching lowest advertised price for new one. I'm not likely to put much time on it each season so may be awhile before I need to do anything. What would be warning signs when motor approaching need for rebuild?
  9. I'm looking at a 2012 500 EXC with 15,000 miles and 300 hours. The wear is mostly from street riding. I'm coming from an XR400 that is low maintenance and lasts forever. What potential problems should I inspect for on the 500 EXC and what service should I perform to know it will be reliable and stay that way?
  10. CA_trail_rider

    1996 xr400r questions

    I have a 1996 and the only problem I've had is the transmission countershaft broke requiring a complete teardown. I got excellent advisement on this site to replace it with the 1999 countershaft that's 1MM bigger. It was about $300 in parts, luckily I was up for the challenge of doing the labor myself. The problem had to be common enough that Honda made the shaft upgrade so I'd recommend a 1999 or newer.
  11. CA_trail_rider

    XR400 Suspension Question

    Yes, that helps a lot. I appreciate everyone's patience with my thick head. It looks like I need to add preload back. The good thing is that it appears the spring isn't to stiff since I've been able to create so much sag. Thanks again to everyone who replied to my post.
  12. CA_trail_rider

    XR400 Suspension Question

    I took the measurements again. Lifting bike to fully extend the suspension I have 22" from axle nut to spark arrester rivet. Set bike down, hop up and down on it a couple times, get off bike and hold it straight and measurement is 19 1/8". Free sag is 22" - 19 1/8" = 2 7/8". Stand on foot pegs with someone holding bike straight and another person measuring is 16 3/8". Race sag is 19 1/8" - 16 3/8" = 2 3/4" (prior 3 1/2" was wishful thinking, I didn't have bike straight for all measurements). Double checked each measurement to be sure. The person helping me checked his bike using same method and his bike was 1" free sag and 3 1/2" race sag so it seems we used the correct process. Recap: Free sag 2 7/8" and race sag 2 3/4". I'd love to be wrong as I don't want any complications to getting my suspension properly set up. Please let me know what might be wrong with either my calculations or my suspension.
  13. CA_trail_rider

    XR400 Suspension Question

    I just remeasured my race sag with my feet on the pegs instead of the seat and I have 3 1/2". Free sag is still 2 7/8". So better but still not within spec.
  14. CA_trail_rider

    XR400 Suspension Question

    I just checked the sag on my 1996 XR400 and the fee sag is 2 7/8" and the race sag is 2 3/4" after backing the shock preload as much as I could. I weigh 185 lb. I bought the bike used in 1999 from someone smaller than me. I don't know if he had changed the spring, its yellow if that indicates anything. After all this time I'm getting around to adjusting the suspension. I just put .44 springs in the forks. I looked on the Race Tech site and it said the stock shock spring is 9.5 kg and ideal for 185 lb. Of course their calculator also said .50 kg would be the correct fork springs. The .44 springs I got from them were actually one .46 and one .42 spring and required a 1 1/2" spacer. I don't understand how they can be suspension specialists. Any ways back to my rear spring. Is my situation with the rear sag seem common for my weight? Should I get a softer rear spring and if so, what rate?
  15. CA_trail_rider

    Is fork spring better if no spacer required?

    The springs did come with spacer stock. I just measured the space between each coil and its about 9.5 mm (3/8") and there are 35 full coils so that would give me 332.5 mm of available travel less the 38mm preload spacer leaves me with 294.5mm of available travel versus the fork travel of 280mm which is gives a cushion of 14.5 mm (~1/2") before full coil bind. That seems cutting it pretty close but I don't know how that compares with the stock or Eibach springs. Do most people adjust ride height using the triple clamps versus preload? Also, does .44 seem right for my weight on tight trails and hills? With the Eibach I was looking at .43 but with Race Tech it was .42 or .44 and I'm tired of the front end diving on ruts and down hills so I went stiffer.