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    build custom cars,trucks and hotrods. Ride my '04 RMZ250
  1. hopsingRMZ

    time to check vavles clearances?

    I just did my valves, both exhausts and one intake were out of spec. Re-shimmed it, put it back together a couple of nights ago, started on third kick. Now it starts first kick every time. I had the same problem as hardcore_rm, wouldnt start cold, bump it a few times to get it started, and was ok when hot. as soon as cools it down though, kickin was out of the question. I actually started my bike last night by HAND! I was just messin around to see if it was possible, and what do you know on the third try it fired right up.
  2. hopsingRMZ

    noob intro

    Whats up guys! New to MX bikes. Only been riding for about a year. Broke my heel last Halloween at Ocotillo on my 04 CRF450R (now gone) New to the forum, I now have a 04 RMZ250 "race" prepped bike I got less than a year ago. By race, I mean it has some suspension work done, and apparently it had some mild engine work done at the end of last year (new top end: piston,rings,hone, clean up (polish)head/valves,rejetting) Has a FMF factory 4 pipe. The bike runs great when its running, but I've been having some issues with it on hard starting. Reading some of the threads on here, it looks like I need to check the valve adjustments (dont think it was ever rechecked after the rebuild, it had only been ridden once before I got it) Its to the point it is almost impossible to kick start it, but it will bump start after a few tries. Its ALOT better after its warmed up, but if it cools down, its a pain again! I'm going to pull the carb and check the jetting/adjustments. And I want to check the valve adjustments. Sound like a good place to start? The bike used run real warm, found it was extremely low on coolant so I put in EngineIce (works awesome!) Has a Boyesen waterpump kit also. Any tips/suggestions on jetting and maintenance will be greatly appreciated. Thanks! Steve Temecula, CA