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  1. echipman

    stock exhaust clean out plugs??

    I too had the the thing break off. My weld only had a couple of tack welds. I don't think Suzuki is doing a full weld . I was fortunate, my neighbor has a wire feed welder and fixed it for me.
  2. echipman

    Inoperable Taillight

    Thanks for your inputs. I finally got the wiring diagram for the bike and tracked it down to 2 problems. The ground wire was severed within the taillight housing, don't know how that happened and the license plate bulb was in fact burned out. I didn't check that bulb because the taillight bulb was fine so I thought it was a common problem. The plate bulb must have been burned out for a while. One good thing did come out of reviewing a bunch of the threads last night which is that was I finally got a maintenance manual.
  3. echipman

    Inoperable Taillight

    I have a 97' DR650 with a taillight that all of a sudden quit working. The bike has been sitting for the winter. I was planning on riding it tomorrow and discovered that the brake, tail and license plate light are all out. The bulbs are good and the wiring seems to be intact. Does anyone have any suggestions on what I should consider looking at to try and isolate the problem? Is there a fuse for the taillights? The turn signals and headlight works fine.
  4. echipman

    Anyone in upstate new york?

    I am in Rochester. Where about are you?
  5. echipman

    Replacement seat cover for 97 DR650SE?

    I just replaced my seat cover not to long ago. I finally found a replacement at. http://www.saddlemen.com/dual_sport_seats.html They seem to have a reasonable price and good deliver time. I will warn you, the installation was a pain. I recommend taking it to someone. If I had to do it again, I would.