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  1. MikeG12

    '08-'09 Stabilizer Sub-mount?????

    I have a scotts with the BPR submount on my 05 TE250. The mount is super clean but it required grinding a little on the weld on the frame to seat the collar for the post that activates the stabilizer (sorry - my terminology isn't the best). And some heavy shaving of the triple clamps to allow full movement of the bars. I got overwhelmed with the project myself and took it to a mechanic i know who did an awesome job. I'll try to get a photo uploaded for you this weekend. I also had to replace the bars with some low rise bars to keep a good feel on the bike. It wasn't cheap, but I couldn't be happier with how it turned out.
  2. I have a 2005 TE250 that I been having cold starting problems with only when I use the electric starter. The battery is charged - i.e. it turns over fine, but it won't fire up. When I use the kick starter under the same conditions, I have no problem starting the bike on the second or third kick. Using the kick starter I give the bike a considerable amount of gas as I kick through and it fires right up. Once the bike is warm - the electric starter works just fine. Anyone have any ideas as to why this is happening?
  3. MikeG12

    Moving to San Francisco, need help

    If you were from here, you could tell the sarcasim in the previous post. You are going to have to spend some time actually checking out the city, a few blocks can make a huge difference here. Parts of the haight, USF, Panhandle area are good "neighborhoods" for families, as are select parts of the mission district/noe valley (very select parts of the mission area). Money may be the ultimate limiting factor, the best sort of yuppie areas are the areas that typically will still have families with kids, and those are going to be pricey (noe valley / cole valley / marina district). I assume if you are a TT'er that the people who live in these areas will drive you nuts - they do me, but then again if I was bringing a family here, i'd probably just deal with them. Or move outside the city limits i.e. oakland/berkeley.
  4. MikeG12

    Union Valley Reservoir - GPS tracks?

    Thanks - thats good stuff to know. Sounds like there is some riding, but to be done with caution.
  5. Going camping up at Union Valley Reservoir this weekend and was thinking of bringing my bikes, but I haven't ridden in that area before. Does anyone have any GPS tracks of trails they have ridden in the area? I'm not looking for anything too crazy - just some nice scenic loops or fun single track that is still legal to ride. Thanks!
  6. MikeG12

    2006 TE510 stuck in the mountains

    Wow- how on earth did you get the helicopter out there for only $700, did the ranger set that up?
  7. MikeG12

    haulin 2 bikes with a car.

    I tow my two bikes with a Honda Civic - the simple low end model - about as much of a beater car as you can get and have no problems. I tow a lightweight trailer like the harborfreight one listed above. I was skeptical at first, but seriously - with both my bikes loaded, I can pull the trailer to attach it to my car, how hard does it have to be for the car? Anyways - the lightweight trailer is a bit sketchy without the extensions llamaface mentioned - so I recommend that, but otherwise I think more people need to realize that you don't need a gigantic truck to ride - I save a TON of money on Gas towing with my civic.
  8. MikeG12

    Proper Oil change routine?

    Wow - Very thorough - Thanks!
  9. MikeG12

    Proper Oil change routine?

    You guys rule - thanks!
  10. MikeG12

    Proper Oil change routine?

    I changed the oil finally today and the only problem I ran into was removing the smallest filter/screen. Its the smallest one - furthest forward on the left hand side of the bike. I removed the single bolt, and there appears to be a gasket and filter in there, but I couldn't get it out. I tried reaching it with a small allen key, but couldn't get any leverage to pull it out. When I was searching the site, i saw a suggestion to expand a pair of needle nose pliers in there, but this has to be for another bike, because there really isn't enough room in there to stick any pliers. Anyone else had this problem? Any suggestons?
  11. I'm new to 4-strokes, and new to Husky's (2005 TE250)- so I have a couple amateur questions. How often should I be changing my oil and oil filter? Do you replace the oil filter every time and clean all the screens/filters? Lastly, what do you clean out the smaller screens/filters with? The manual says fuel - but would a carb cleaner or something like that be more appropriate? Thanks.
  12. MikeG12

    Strange fluid leaking!

    Well - finally went to change the airfilter, and you guys were spot on - little pool of the oil in the bottom of the airbox! Thanks for the advice.
  13. MikeG12

    Conditions at Hollister Saturday 2/02?

    Curses!! I lost my window of dryness . . . drizzling in SF at 8 a.m. !!!! When will it end.
  14. Do you think I could get in a ride at Hollister tomorrow morning before it rains? Its been dry all today - only got .12in of rain yesterday, and its not supposed to start raining tommorrow until the afternoon. What do you guys think the conditions will be like? I would normally give it a couple days to dry out, but hell - its been too long!
  15. MikeG12

    Strange fluid leaking!

    Wow - thanks for the rapid response. Judging from the overwhelming concensus - it must be air filter oil - i'll check the airbox. here is the kicker though - and I know I'll get some harrassment for letting it go so long without changing the air filter - but I bought the bike about two months ago and have ridden it three times without touching the airfilter (of course i inspected it at purchase and it was clean). Wouldn't the extra oil have come out of the air filter by now? Could there be another explanation?