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    Advice on new ride for wife

    IMO! If your wife is just starting out riding, Make your life and hers If the bike is to big and heavy she will not have fun, which will make you have no fun. My wife is also about the same size. The first bike I bought her was a KDX 200. She was and is a very accomplised Mtn. Biker, so I thought she could handle a bigger bike. Wrong! We worked very hard to try and get her comfy on the bike. She then rode a good friends TTR 125, she rode with way more confidence and rode much faster. So I bought one! If you can find some one with a few different bikes that will let you try them out DO IT. I replaced the bars with 7/8 CR high's and added 3/4 bar risers to make the bike more comfortable. I now have a happy riding partner and wife Good Luck!