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    Biking, fishing, skiing, all the good stuff.
  1. lanebru

    Hi-Line Riding (MT)

    You are out Ross Buckingham's back door. He is a great TTer. I think he lives in Cut Bank or there abouts. I'm sure he has poked his nose down every road, trail, or cow path in that area.
  2. lanebru

    Those annoying Stickers

    i just picked at them until they finally came off. cleaned the surface with rubbing alcohol. not a fun job. I'm sure there is and easier way. I took the Z-71 stickers off my truck with this foam stuff i bought at an auto shop. It worked slick, but I couldn't find it when I did my bike. You just spray it on the sticker, sit for 5 min. and the sticker turns to mush. Not sure how it would treat the fenders, but the tank would be fine.
  3. lanebru

    bozeman montana

    The month of May. This spring can't go fast enough.
  4. lanebru

    Deer vs. Motorcycle

    What concept is that? There are sounds, or, I'll say sound waves that will bring you and I to our knees in pain. It's all about frequencies. That said, the deer whistles have to be calibrated to some set speed for the reed to vibrate at the right speed and make the whistle. Just speculation. Dogs don't come to dog whistles because they like the sound. It drives them nuts, but they are trained to respond to whistles. I cast, direct, and call both my dogs with whistles. To test this, start blowing a dog whistle to a group of puppies. They will go nuts trying to avoid that sound.
  5. lanebru

    bozeman montana

    Joe, Give me a quick reminder. Maudlow is up by Sixteen Mile Creek, right. I can't imagine anyone complaining about you shreddin' around up there. It is mostly private cattle and sheep ranches though. There is awesome hunting up there so I'm sure there are some trails you could hop on. Within about 200 sq. mi. there are probably only 100 people if that, but there is probably twice that many guns, so just ask landowners for access. It's definately worth a try for your own private stash riding area.
  6. lanebru

    bozeman montana

    Disreguard that last one. I see Laurel.
  7. lanebru

    bozeman montana

    I assume you are meaning the Tobacco Root Mtn. trails. In your gazetteer it is on page 26 just southwest of Pony. Pony is SW of Harrison. Sweet area. Potosi is a natural hot springs pool that is a good 98 degrees all year. Bell Lake is at about 112 W and 45.32 N. It's in the Beaverhead NF so give them a call and ask about access and trail openings. Also there is a cool area before you go into the tree line of open land and trails throughout. It is dotted with the remnants of spire rocks that lie about everywhere. This is an area of MT that is not well used and is sort of overlooked. There is no population base anywhere close, so it stays nice. Please respect the area so we will have it for years to come. I hope this helps. Good Luck. As for the other areas, who knows. Bozo is growing so fast I couldn't tell ya where to go anymore. Beaverhead-Deerlodge National Forest 420 Barrett St. Dillon, MT 59725-3572 (406) 683-3900 Just out of curiousity "Are you from MT?"
  8. lanebru

    bozeman montana

    Yeah, right. Way too many hippies in Bozo to let you go terrorize their trails. There is all kinds of good fire roads and overgrown roads, but pretty slim on the single track scene. 'Course it will be mid-May before you can get to many that go for a fair bit. (Hyalite, Three Bears, Bangtails, and counting) Try north of Ross Peak, it's a little farther up the road, hippies can't buy enough gas to go that far. If you got the day, go out to the Tobacco Roots, up by Bell Lake. I know they allowed OHV use 4 years ago, or is that 6, can't remember. They are sweet mountains and you go right next to Potosi which is a sweet little perk of the area. All else fails, put on some slicks and go blaze those million dolla' subdivisions up Sourdough. Talk about a perfect road course.
  9. lanebru

    Slade's Park Pictures

    Slade's sucks! Twenty minutes and you've blazed all the loops twice and sat behind a 4-wheeler for 3 minutes waiting for them to get outa the way.
  10. lanebru

    Montana land

    I don't know what the hell is wrong with it, but if you copy and paste it to the address bar it works. It's not a map, rather it is a listing of trails in an area of MT mostly on Blackfeet land or very close.
  11. lanebru

    who are you.. and what do you do..

    My name is Lane Brubaker (aka Justin Sider). Love the new bike. Grew up in the country outside a tiny town in eastern MT (Terry). My sister and I had to ride our three wheelers about three miles everyday to catch the bus, which was a 31 mile trip one way. Yea, it was out there. Since then, I've gotten older (30) but never really grew up, I like to stay young. Went to college (MSU) did the usual routine and "what do you know?" no job when I got out. That's when I started doing what I wanted to do. From then on I studied horticulture. It keeps me in excellent shape and outside all day everyday. Nowdays I grow trees and shrubs for a large scale commercial nursery here in VA. I love my job, hate VA. Moving back to the "land of the free," soon. If you grew up in the West, the east is not home. I can't find public land anywhere, and it sucks. Anyway, cheers to the group, I get a kick outta checkin' it out everyday. Bikes- Honda Big Red 200 (take a sip of the potion, hit the 3-wheel motion) Honda CT 110 KDX 80, probably my favorite of all time. I was 10. XR 200 RM 125 And now the encore DR-Z 400 S. So fun.
  12. lanebru

    A second DRZ-TT project?

    One pair of buddy pegs on their way! That should put a real nice touch on 'er, yet still leave room for improvement.
  13. lanebru

    Moto racing in the winter Olympics!

    Damn, that's sweet! And they lost by a second, winner was rollin'.
  14. lanebru

    Groovy 70s DRZ-SM!

    Nasty color scheme, but how do you do a quality paint job that will last on all that plastic? Definately gives me ideas for a total custom paint job.
  15. lanebru

    Exhaust mount

    That is the same one I ended up with. Ask for the bushing with the peg eliminator. I didn't get one and have to pull that bushing everytime the wife wants to go for a ride (usually 5 minute notice). It's not hard to switch but it would be a whole lot easier with two of them. If you do have to switch them, drop the whole bracket in hot water and let 'er soak. It softens the bushing for a few minutes.