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  1. Before pushing the second bead on, I like to add a little air to the tube and massage any kinks out.
  2. same except mine only have two led's
  3. Peterson Piranha LED marker lights. I found them at wal-mart.
  4. E model muzzy slip-on with an FMF Powerbomb header on my S.
  5. I just put one on my S. I paid $130 US for a KLR CVK40. A needle and main jet from ronayers.com. The difference in mid to top end power over BSR is dramatic and since recently enlarging the air lift hole in the slide to 3/16, throttle responce is much improved. I don't think less than 200 in parts would buy you as much improvement as the CVK.
  6. Interesting... I'll try stepping the hole size up a little at a time and see what happens. Do you think it's OK to run without the throttle return cable? I didn't take it off the bike yet, just have it zip-tied out of the way for now. I might try to rig somthing up and weld it to the stock bracket. Thanks!
  7. I just did this mod also, CVK40 from a KLR650. N1TB needle with spacer (third clip), 145 main, enlarged air lift hole in the slide to .125. Major difference in the top end, where the DJ'd Mikuni would flatten out the bike just keeps pulling. Jetting seems to be spot on but I don't know for sure. I have the 3X3 hole cut in the airbox and an FMF PowerBomb header with the stock muffler. I ride between 500 and 2500 feet. My idle mixture screw is at 2.5 turns.
  8. The battery is tiny, as said above you need a battery tender. Just leave it plugged in all the time your not riding, it'll last a long time.
  9. http://i12.photobucket.com/albums/a205/amandaharrop/supermoto/P1060789.jpg I'de like some pics of that cool looking chop on the left.
  10. I've got a crazy friend that can ride wheelies on a stock fxr Harley for miles at highway speed. If your into doing that, it's prolly more to do with your technique than the bike. I mean if he can do it on a big heavy bike like that, I would think it would be no problem on a DRZ.
  11. Just curious. Why not K&N for a dirt bike? I've got one on my S that is mostly off road.
  12. Bike is new, you think I could get Suzuki mechanic to check it as a warranty deal. Do they know that it's an issue? I wonder why if they know the extent of damage this could cause, why don't they just fix it?
  13. Picture of mine after a nice cool
  14. My custom Harley. Built her from a wrecked 1977 superglide, new engine, frame and front end. I love the contrast between this bike and my DRZ, makes me feel like I have a new bike everytime I switch. I never really experienced any negitive attiudes arround here between Harley and metric bikes, other than light hearted joking. I think getting out and riding is the most important thing. BTW first post. Hello all!