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  1. ian crozier


    picked up my new FE390 a week ago and now I cant go to work I just want to ride all the time. still cant get over how good this bike is
  2. ian crozier

    Front Brake Soft - Need Help

    Try the old hose and while its apart remove any rough edges in the banjos and banjo bolts as a last resort check with a mechanic that you are doing it right.
  3. differance between raw and black one can of paint
  4. ian crozier

    Rad. guards in Australia

    I got unabiker from thumper talk store only took a week. Very happy with the service and the product
  5. ian crozier

    do i need an MCCT for an '05 S?

    After 25 years as a motorcycle mechanic on most makes I have not seen one ACCT to be perfect. They let go, slip, break, and stick. BMW had a good one on the Ks but they used a roller chain so maybe we should go back to them? All ACCTs can fail and the results can be bad. All owners can stuff up and the results can be bad. You choose
  6. ian crozier

    Perth, WA..

    Giday jd Good to here you want to come back. August would have to be the best time to try that ride. Gotta be worth a go. 500+ klms of forest would be a week well spent. Should be able to it there are many towns and camping areas on the way to rest in and get supplies. The bikes need to be registered and riders licensed to ride in state forest and get through towns not a big prob. I ride a KLX400 (regoed) , have a landcrusier ute and could get a week or two off in August so maybe? Cheers Ian
  7. ian crozier

    Perth, WA..

    Waldo No GPS but CALM puts out some good maps. They are titled operations graphics-2005/2006 and are available($12-$13) from the Perth map shop in Hay st city they show all the tracks as well as roads. Check out Flynn rd, the Brookton hwy and Metro rd. Cheers Ian
  8. ian crozier

    Perth, WA..

    Hi I live in the eastern hills. Good riding in the forrest. I can get to York, Brookton or Dwellingup with almost no onroad.
  9. ian crozier

    oil changes

    I do oil and filter, valve clearance,steering brearings check, rear lube and general service at 1000k-600ml-30hrs. most rides about 100-160k chain, tyres, oil and tyres check every ride
  10. ian crozier

    soft brakes

    Thanks for the info. Its the front that worries me although the back is average. I only use it on the dirt. I had a look at the hose and it seems to react a lot so maybe I should change that. The brake feels ok at the start of a ride but the feel and bite is lost after a fast section and the disc looks a bit blue after that I have to use my whole hand to stop fast but the lever will never come into the bar. I thought that the pads or disc maybe glazing? Any thoughts?
  11. ian crozier

    soft brakes

    Hi can any one tell me how to make my brakes bite a bit harder, can different pads help or are bigger discs the go. I have a standard DRZ 400 E 05 (AU) and the brakes need a lot of force for not much action. Any ideas?
  12. ian crozier

    Middle aged fear!

    know the feeling my first dirt bike was a xr600r my mates were good and pushed me a little but let me go at my own pace and i learned. even 40 year old bones are harder to break than you think. just got a new klx400 and have never enjoyed riding so much. hang in and try to master one skill at a time. see each success as a trophy to be enjoyed. above all have fun and as long as you get home you can tell any story you want. every one else does